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A friend of mine was telling me something that happened to them and I am not sure what to believe, I don't know if they are messing with me or if they are telling me the truth. but what the told me is a bit scary and I am not sure what to tell them if they are and are trying to confide in me. If what they said is true through from everything I have read things might keep on happening to them. What he said started off all that he is going through was him and 3 friends playing with a Ouija board. he told me it started out acting like a child that had passed away, then went on to answer very personal questions about him then later on mentioned something about goat and gate 7, they also had an experience with a spider popping up on the board out of nowhere he claims. he said after the mention of goat and gate his friend told him they had to burn the board. that is how they thought you were supposed to get rid of it apparently. Everything that i have ever been told about those boards has said that you NEVER EVER DO THAT and it is like taking a door from being cracked to completely off its hinges. he then went on to tell me later on a girl he was seeing had things happen in her house and when he moved in with her it got worse to the point where they had felt her child was threatened and he had to come remove him from a particular room, and there would be occasions that he would feel like something was holding him down in bed and it sounded like the wind was holding him down for lack of a better way to describe it. he said once they placed a cross and sage ashes in the closet of the one room things died down in there and it was safe enough for the kid to sleep there again. from the way he was talking its as though he thinks something has latched on to him so to speak. he told me the board itself was not the "parker brothers" version. he said the board was wooden about 2 inches thick. the girl he lived with was almost a year ago the board thing from my understanding was a few years before so this has apparently been happening for awhile. and i just read something you replied to someone else about religious aversion and attitude and he has a history of that in his past at about the same time frame as these events, that match up to the demonic oppression thing you mentioned to them...that is what led me to e-mail you i know at the time before the girls house he was involved in drugs and alcohol but i do not know if it was before or after the board incident just that he was sober the night that occurred so i don't know if the mood swings could be attributed to that or his bad experience with the there any way of telling if he is telling me the truth about what happened and if so and these things he is dealing with are from that what can be done? I mentioned him going to church and he doesn't seem to be sure of where he feels he belongs spiritually and thinks he may lean more towards Islamic than Christianity. this is someone i intend to have in my life actively so getting to the bottom of this to if it is true or not and helping him some how if needed is of the great importance to me. do you have any advice? I hope he never sees i post this because i dont want him to feel i betrayed his trust but i do want answers as soon as possible.

Hi Donna,

If you want, you need to click "private" if you can go back and do it now. It was not marked private. However even if it's public the chances that he'll see it unless he's on here and under the paranormal area are very slim. But I understand the desire.

Ok, so, I'm imagining the drugs and alcohol thing was before the board. If he had addiction (which is a spirit) before he went and played with the board, then he was open season for anything that came through that thing to jump on him/in him. If he's drawn to Islam it means he's picked up an antichrist spirit.

I find it interesting as well that in Islam there are 7 gates of hell. I find it also interesting that the "goat" would be the goat of mendes or the baphomet. Blech.

If he's not messing with you, he needs help. And badly. He needs to be ministered to. Do a google search for DWJD Curse breaking manual and suggest that you both do the entire thing. Have him note any areas that he feels pushback at saying. Mark it down. You as well. Demons hide. And they are very common. They don't always make their presence known like in your friend.

Secondly, do not be with him intimately. Not until those demons are gone. The reason is, if you are intimate with him, even the first time- everything that is on him is going to jump on/in you as well. So you don't want to do that. Don't know if you are romantically involved or what but just wanted to put that out there as a caution.

He's definitely got a lot going on. He needs some one on one ministry.

Thanks! Keep your chin up. Will get through it! :)

God bless!  

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