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Paranormal Phenomena/The Smell of Vanilla Woke me out of a Sound Sleep?!!


Went to bed Friday night. Saturday morning I was wakened by the overpowering smell of vanilla. Not bad, just STRONG. I had not even reached the dream state yet as there was no dream in mind when I woke up. I was sound asleep.

I associate the smell of vanilla with my husband only. When we bake all sorts of yummy things. And it's the only candle scent will buy because we like it so much.

No person, dead or alive reminds me of vanilla except him.

When I went to show him how strong the smell was I went to get a bottle. To my surprise there was not even one bottle of vanilla on my baking shelf. There is always, always, about 3 bottles of it in my house at all times. So I don't know what happened there either.

I *have* to(*need*!!!)to know why that woke me up like that. This has never happened to me EVER and I can't find an answer that resonates with me.
Can you help? Thank you, Maria~~

ANSWER: Hello Mari,

All the vanilla bottles were missing.  Did you look in the garbage bin?  My first thoughts are are always ordinary ones .. small children, or sleepwalkers?  Where was your husband when this happened?  Did you sniff around trying to find a location for the smell, or was it just floating in the air?  Could someone (living or in spirit) have sprinkled a few drops on your pillowcase, the sheets, or the floor beside your bed?  Eliminate the obvious first then go for the paranormal.

If you'll answer those questions first please?

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ama, the smell was just floating in the air for about 5 minutes. I wasn't scared, I just want to know what it means as it *never* happened to me before. I don't think anyone sprinkled any vanilla near me. I know my husband didn't do it. And I don't associate that smell with anyone but him.

I didn't throw away the vanilla recently, but I could have thrown them away after last years holidays wrapped up. So that's a good one! There is probably a good explanation for that - although I was absolutely sure there was vanilla in the pantry. (I have no children.)

What good reasoning skills: Eliminate the obvious first then go for the paranormal (I seem to always do it the other way around..., smile).

Thank you for everything. Love and Peace to you too~~
Mari ::roses for you::

Hi Mari,

Sorry, I had to run away on Thursday to my son's wedding, an over 3000km round trip.  Lovely wedding. :-)  

Vanilla, in my opinion, is a lovely smell, and some people wear perfume of that scent.  There is an ascended master called Quan Yin who smells like roses.  I know this for a fact, since I have 'smelled' her, when she came to 'visit' one of our 'ghost rescue circles' many years ago.  Everyone smelled the roses, it was so strong.  :-)

I think, whomever came to visit, they were not unfriendly.  If it happens again, ask who they are .. you might find out .. or try and remember what you were dreaming about as you woke up.  That might help too.  Sometimes I wake up with a ghost next to me sharing its 'memories' (what trapped it) with me, which can be a nightmare, and sometimes the angels have a scent that is lovely.  So many possibilities ...

Love & Peace

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