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At a Sunday church gathering I asked a small group of ladies (14) to pray for me (I have not had contact with a grandson for some time) - during the prayer my wrists and inside arms felt as if they were being torn open almost like severe carpel tunnel might feel - it took me several minutes to brush off the feeling in both arms - they're still tender today.  Then this morning I had a dream that it was summer and I was trimming my roses when I cut off a dead rose and jumped back as I had also cut off the head of a black snake/or eel looking thing - I awoke with a start and jumped in my bed.  Do you have any idea if these two events are linked?  Any ideas what the pain in my wrists was all about?   Thanks

Dear Waneta,
         How are you? Hop you are feeling better. did you get a chance to contact your grandson yet? hop he is doing well. The feeling that you had on your hand is not because of any negative energy. When you concentrate on prayer or something, unusual incidents can happens depends on what goes through your mind. After that you may not remember what happened during that time.
         Dreaming a black snake is negative but in your case you cut off it's head. So it's not negative anymore because you are protecting yourself and by a positive energy. I hop your hand is better now. There is nothing to be worried. these two incidents are not related in any ways in my knowledge. Fell free to write me at any time with questions and concerns. Always pray to God to protect us from evil.
         God bless you
         Mathew, s  

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