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QUESTION: Hello there, my name is Joshua. I will be 27 this year. I've come today because I have found evidence related to some sort of phenomena. I've tried over and over again to reach out to the public through various social networks. Facebook, The WiiU, Youtube. I even sent a message to my local news station(they ignored it)! For the most part people are just as caught off guard by it as I am. I first discovered it a few years ago. I tried then to get theories and to let people be aware but no matter what I did it seemed like people just had a lack of interest. Well, at the end of the year I went through my junk drive and found the old video and tested it again with my device; and every since then I have not been able to get it out of my head. I want answers. I want this to be known to the world. I just have the lack of resources. I don't know where to begin. But that's enough of that. Here's what I'm speaking about: A few years ago I saved a picture from Facebook who was an old friend(it was of a male in a family group). I tried to crop some of the picture because he was the one I had wanted to see. It was at this moment that I noticed it for the first time. As I scrolled up on the editing device the faces within the picture began to change! So I started saving random pictures from Facebook to test this with other photos. And they too changed! It wasn't every photo. It just seemed to be larger ones. They were pictures people had uploaded directly from devices and they were of actual pictures(printed out) that people had taken pictures of to post online. There are mouths on some of these faces that are straight and the moment you move the picture all of the sudden they're showing their teeth or they are frowning! Why? Is this a link to some sort of micro-expression? Is a glimpse at the persons soul(what they were feeling at that time)? Or is it true, the old belief, that a part of our souls are captured by photographs? Is it due to energy in the air at the time? Every single one of these pictures do not change unless there are more than one person(I haven't found one to change with one but I haven't looked for too long). So does this mean it is linked to some sort of energy field? Each face is different, though. So maybe when people gather like this it opens some sort of tear in reality allowing us to see what they were really feeling at the time? I do not know. I am dumbfounded and intrigued! Does this mean we could look back at the photographs of our loved ones, those who have past included, and see an entirely different expression? Why is that not all pictures in groups change? Just a few? Is that related to some sort of inner innocence? Why is it that within a single frame of a photo lays hidden multiple other frames? I can take the same picture and move it up entirely or down entirely and get about three different expressions from people in one photo. How? It's not glitched or pixelated. If that was the case it wouldn't make TEETH appear. So, somehow, is this even possible that it is a look into some sort of parallel dimension being shared by the same body and soul, but opposite of what was originally seen? Please don't ignore this like the rest of the world. I am going to provide the video that I uploaded to Facebook which is also on my Youtube account. You will see these things I am talking about. You will also see, from the top of the video, the name of the picture I am editing. It does not change as the faces do. I say again, these are not multiple photos but ONE SINGLE photo. Please help me gain answers. There has to be an explination. Is it some sort of point in time that has been recorded for our passing? Something that we can look back on because of the happiness we possibly felt? But, no, if that were the case then everyone would appear to be happy and some appear to be sad. I do not know. But, regardless, here is the video:

ANSWER: Hello Joshua,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. The issues with souls and what not is well with-in my field. However I have consulted a colleague regarding the actual digital manipulation and the effects you are experiencing from an expert on such matters. I will be awaiting his reply.

  Although some tribes with primitive thoughts believe that the soul is captured in a photo [which might explain Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber], such a thought is , well, primitive, not based on any scientific study or proof and is just one of many cultural beliefs.

  The idea of parallel dimensions I find hard to swallow. Not the theory that different dimensions exist and I am sure that many different universes exist in our huge endless space, but I am assuming that you are thinking of the many world or multiverse theories, in large proposed by Hugh Everett. Basically for each quantum decision [or personal one for that matter] all possible states exist. When a decision is made the waveform function collapses and due to this a new universe is created for each of the other possibilities.

  This is brought up in some of my talks and I always hit back with this, pleases feel free to try it...
Simply pick a number between 0 and 100,000,000,000. Be original, any number up to to 9 digits long. Write it down.
Now congratulate yourself because you have just created 100,000,000,001 new universes [the extra one is the universe where you choose not to try the experiment.] Imagine how many are created when you ask a group of 20 people to do the same experiment!If you picked 507,800 for example, there is a universe where you picked 1, another where you picked 2, another where you picked 3, etc, etc. Although I can't remember the names, many scientists state that if such a thing existed, that travel between the different worlds would be impossible.

  Well Joshua, until I hear back from my colleague, I will end this partial answer with a reference to a web site that may explain some of what is going on. You can expect a follow up answer in the future with more answers.

  Ciao for now,

Greg Pocha, Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal and Parapsychology Studies
All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi! First of all, thank you for getting back with me. I hope that you and your coworker can come up with some sort of theory regarding this. I checked out the link you sent. I do not believe this is the case. The pixels do not necessarily blur in that fashion, they change.

In the first photo you can see the grandmother in the middle. By the time I zoom into the picture it's probably about 16 seconds into it. Her face is calm. And then by the 21 second she has a frown. On the 28th second she seems be laughing, her mouth is open.
In the second photo you see a girl and her friends. I open the editing application at a minute and four seconds,  hit the crop button and zoom in. At 1:18 you can see the girl in the whites face. She is obviously smiling big. At 1:21 her eyes are closed from their narrowed state and her smile has  Now lets go back to a 1:16. Look at the girl with the cowboy hat. She's showing a bit of teeth looking at the camera. At 1:21 her mouth is shut and she is simply grinning. Lets go back again.
The third picture is of a much larger group. At 1:51 the woman holding the child has a large cheesy smile showing with her eyes shut. At 1:55 that smile is replaced with a softer one, and at 2:08 her expression is completely goofy. Lets go back and look at the man in the red shirt on the end. At this time his mouth is closed but in 2:08 he is smiling.
In the fourth picture it is the girl from before with her family. At 2:28, 2:30, 2:31 and 2:33 her smile and eyes again changes in a most obvious way. At 3:03 the boy behind the girl has a nervous smile. His lips change and the position of his eyes. The start to change at 3:06 and his face is completely different in 3:07. The lips also change to the boy in orange and the man in red.
In the final photo the woman in whites face changes. At 3:33 you will notice that her right eye is open, and when I got to move the picture at the very end of the 33rd second her eye is closed temporarily before switching to the 34th. The little girl in front of the woman also changes. From 3:52, 3:53, and 3:58.  

Yes, I suppose the idea of losing A PART of your soul would be quite primitive. But, in that aspect, it is not the idea that makes something what it is. It is the evidence. Do I believe that people are out there losing a part of themselves? No. But it is another possible explanation.

The same goes for the multiple dimension aspect. Do I believe that special relativity is allowing gravitons to flow through the weakest force on the planet(gravity)? I can't say. It could be as possible. And if you see it this way then I suppose the theory of Quantum Shifting is also possible. This could be some way to see these things. COULD be. There has to be some rational explanation, you'd think. But the truth is we don't really know the conditions that were present when the photos were taken.

I do thank you again for getting back with me! I look forward to hearing your next reply!

Hi Joshua,

  What I really need from you now is the make and model of your phone. I am assuming Samsung Galaxy. I need to know the photo editing software you are using, did it come with the phone or is it an app? Does your camera come with a 'best shot' mode? Finally I want the original video sent to me, not a link to your Youtube upload, but the original video in its original format as specified here:
As that format will not be accepted by AllExperts, please send the original video directly to me at    

  The problem with Theory physics is that it is based on theory, not hard core proof. I can't help but see a contradiction when science can be called "science" in certain cases where nothing but theory and experimentation / research is all that they have... no empirical proof yet they are considered normal and called scientists. However when a researcher and investigator of the paranormal has only theory and no empirical proof we are called [lots of things - none good] and we are called quacks.  Had we the facilities, instruments and monetary grants who knows what steps forward we would make?
  Anyway, there is no telling if in the realm of the dead any of our physics is at play at all. If we move onto a higher level of energy and increase in "vibration" as so many psychics report - well that assumption is pretty much destroyed by the second law of thermodynamics, isn't it? Energy changing from one form to a higher one?... only if our physics does not apply in that realm of existence. If our physics does not apply, it is mute discussing it. Anyway, this is not a forum. So enough on theory and suppositions.

  If losing a part of your soul occurred at all due to a picture being taken, then a person who was highly photographed would hardly have any soul at all... thus my Miley and Justin comment. There are tons of superstitions out there, some are loosely  based on common sense and logic while most are just a fanciful and imaginative cultural ideas. Enough of that.

  I have heard back from my colleague and received his opinion. Coincidentally today he had lunch with a digital-imaging engineer and discussed your issue with him. Consequentially, I have to look into your situation a bit more.

  This is a difficult query, so I will be adding software that reads the exif information on videos to my arsenal of analytical software.

I await your reply,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

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