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Is it true that all non Christians go to hell after death because they reject god's free gift?

Based upon the Word (the Bible) and my understanding of it, yes. It's not a matter of vengeance by God against the person necessarily as much as it is that there are parameters He set in place in the beginning that He by His own Word (literal in this sense) has to abide by. For entrance into the Kingdom of God a person has to be 100% clean. Perfect in behavior, pure in thought, speech and action and love perfectly. As we are fallen of course we cannot attain this. We fail very early. For the first time even as a toddler we tell our mom or dad "NO!" we have failed to honor our father and mother. As innocent as it may be it reveals in us our natural state which is rebellion. And as our parents are SUPPOSED to be a representation of God to us as He has appointed them to be His substitution for his parental role for us on this earth, when we refuse to obey our mom/dad them we have refused to obey God.

Rebellion may not look all that dangerous but if you look at the rebellion of Lucifer you can see where it can lead. God isn't going to allow that scenario again.

Because He knew that we could not abide by His Law perfectly, He sent Christ to be our substitute for me and you. Christ was perfect. And He kept the Law perfectly. And part of being our substitute was suffering the punishment on the cross for us. So that all that trust upon Him and the finished work of the Cross, His perfectness, in God's eyes, have been supernaturally transferred to us.

So, if you reject the Christ you are ultimately saying that you desire to "be your own attorney" when you stand before Him at Judgment. In which case, that means you have to be at least as perfect and sinless as Christ was on this Earth. If sin is found in you, then you cannot enter God's Kingdom. At that time though, there is no other place BUT hell as that was prepared for Satan and his fallen angels. As if you refuse the payment of your sins to be Christ then you also choose to accept any punishment for willful sin. I don't see hell as endless eternal suffering, save for the devil and his demons. Rather we will ultimately be destroyed in the fires of hell as it is a fire our bodies cannot abide. I do think however God can make some consume slower than others like in the case of say Hitler or Stalin or someone. But the ultimate end is the same. To be forgotten. Or "uncreated", as if you never existed.

The importance of choosing Christ is paramount. But honestly, it shouldn't be that we accept Christ to save our skins. Rather to be one with Him who loved us so much and longs to share w us the inheritance that rightfully belongs to Him. :)

I know that was lengthy but I hope it helped. :) God bless!

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To be intellectually honest, there are no experts in this field of study. You cannot have an expert in such a subjective field as this. There is no litmus test to prove ones knowledge. With that being said, I can draw off my experience and study to answer questions that pertain to demonology, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, residual haunting, intelligent haunting, etc. Any answers that I do not know, which, none of us know ALL the answers, I will be glad to use my resources to find you the answer you are looking for.


My experience with the paranormal dates back to my childhood. The homes where my grandparents and great grandparents lived underwent much paranormal phenomena. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity and eventually study. In 2008 after having first hand encounters at my home, I decided to begin my own investigations group. We later merged with G.R.A.S.P. which is now being compared to that of T.A.P.S. or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I have since founded a Christian based ministry dedicated to helping those who are experiencing negative phenomena.

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