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Paranormal Phenomena/Situation in my home is escalating



I am truly in need of help with activity in my home that, as much as we prefer to ignore, is becoming more obvious, hard to ignore and seems to escalating recently.  I have looked at your private page and I see the questionnaire.  I was wondering if you need me to first explain my situation to you here at AllExperts before doing the questionnaire or should I go straight there?   I am under an enormous amount of stress because of this and if it were not for the fact that others in my family have had experiences, I would think I was going crazy.  I am tired of being on edge and afraid and I need some answers and I'm hoping you can help.  Please if you can get back to me asap I would very much appreciate it.  

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello,

Please feel free to complete the questionnaire. Once completed please let me know and I will see if I can be of assistance. I often check allexperts so would be best to notify me here.

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QUESTION: Hi Bruce:  Thank you for getting back to me.  I have sent in the survey to you as of Wednesday evening Feb. 4 at 5pm EST.  I used a different email address in the survey from the my email that is registered on AllExperts for additional privacy.  I have fully explained what has been happening and I truly hope you can tell me what is going on here.  I am hoping that its nothing to worry about, but I guess we'll have to see what you say.  I am grateful for any help or insight you can offer.  

ANSWER: Hello,

From what you describe your house/location may be a portal for the spirit world. If this is the case it will need to be closed. The spirits inside the house will need removing and you will need to take steps to make sure that no more can enter. I will give you this information after they have been removed.

I will need either an image of the outside of your house (not the inside) or your postcode so I can locate your property on google maps. You can send this to


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QUESTION: Hello Bruce
I have sent an email to you with a house picture.  I will be awaiting any further information once you have it.

Thank you


If you have amethyst please place around the windows of your house. This must be unpolished.

Place unpolished amber underneath your pillows or beds (unless you have small children which could be a hazzard). Put salt underneath your door mat.

Aerate the house, where there are dark places open and make sure that light enters (eg cupboards and cellars). Play classical/ healing music. You can this at:

Mirrors should never face each other at any time whether past present or future. If they do they must be sealed with the following symbol using eye shadow or marker.

Hopefully you should have peace.



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