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QUESTION: Greg - We are all of us probably looking to share our anomalous experiences with, and interact with, with our (grown up ) fellow experients I imagine. Hard to find such groups though - any ideas, the Internet has been a washout so far. I was hoping to contribute to Alan Vaughan's proposed new book on the anomalous but he died (some years ago now) before getting going on it.
My long-time experiences have been in the areas (I am 73) of precognition for the most part. This comes in dreams, where almost inevitably specific and unlikely details in the dream come to fruition before the following sleep period; and awake - where some unlikely out of left field subject matter comes to mind and shortly afterwards there is is unexpectedly presenting itself. It may occur in something later read or later heard. The delay has at times been minimal, so that I blurt out a phrase, as much a surprise to myself as others, and next thing it is said on the TV, word for word. Although, many such experiences happened over many years, not so much nowadays, the realization inevitably comes as an unexpected shock.   
No talent whatsoever so far observed in: Hidden object divining, psychrometry, Past life recall, Remote viewing - though these are other areas of interest, and conceivably they can be built on an apparent sensitivity for the etherial.
I just thought there may be some venue where these things can have the solid fact wrung out of them towards some general theory of the anomalous, in a two-way setting )and not just me presenting experience to some expert to use or to touch on in a learned paper.

Brainwave Frequencies
Brainwave Frequencies  
ANSWER: Hello "T',

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your information and questions. It's nice to get a question from a fellow Canadian! You needn't worry about me using your experiences in a learned paper. The "learned" part I have a handle on, I occasionally get as far as paper, but try to find a damn pen that works in this place is impossible!

  All kidding aside, true ability toward pre-cognition is a are talent. Or is it a talent that was once dominant in human kind during prehistoric eras but as we be came civilized (perhaps advanced is a better word) psi abilities went the way of our tonsils, appendixes and our tails with just the bone remaining. My hypothesis is that psi ability has gone dormant through an atrophic type of process. For our ancestors it may have played an important role in survival, but as we developed it was used less and less. Whether that's evolution or regression depends on one's point of view I suppose. After all, to this day, birds use it, bees use it, even dolphins in the seas use it....

  However I believe that some people are born with psi ability in an awakened state, and although extremely rare, account for the handful of people who have true psychic talents [as opposed to the thousands who "claim" to possess such abilities: their agenda or psychoses, many and various]. If this is indeed the case then psi ability such as yours is not "paranormal" just as having useless tonsils is not para-science; it is perhaps "abnormal" by modern societies standards, but in a good way, if that makes sense. The ability may be due to other causes as well. However in your case I believe that is it due to genetics and being born with the talent and utilizing the talent. My reason for that conclusion is that it is slowly degenerating due to aging, as bodies do. I mean absolutely no disrespect, but it is an important aspect to consider.

  For the readers who have come to expect from me various viewpoints on phenomena that questioner bring up, I will briefly touch on an "opposing" concept for those pseudo-skeptics who shun ideas outside their box.  I will bring up the subject of forgotten memories: cryptomnesia. This is a term used in psychology and parapsychology to describe something that one has gained knowledge of in the past but due to brain processes had put the information on the back burner [the conscious mind hates clutter]. The person who brings forth such information has no recall that they have the information tucked away. Then should it come forward it appears that the information came from "unknown sources". This may explain some information brought out in trance by "mediums" and may explain certain episodes of past life regression.

  With the news repeating stories over and over, especially interviews, it is possible that you are obtaining the information unknowingly during your pre, post or dreaming periods should a TV or radio be on in the background. You could be absorbing the required information unconsciously, then whilst still in the trance like state of hypnagogia or hypnopompia or in an Alpha Brainwave Pattern [explained later] you could present the "news" as if it were from a psychical source.

  BUT... I do not believe this to be the situation with you as the presentation of the information is random, to the point and occurs just prior to the actual event being reported in real time. And speaking of time, a hypothesis on precognition may be found in the physical principles of "time itself. Obviously time can be altered by different factors such as velocity and gravity. That makes time flexible and omnidirectional. Time is a concept, and might be considered as a "field". Consciousness and the "mind" [as opposed to the organ of the brain] are now, by certain quantum theory physicists, thought of as also be a field. Some state that it was consciousness that created the universe. If human consciousness at some level and the time field can interact with each other then there is no reason that short term precognition can not exist, provided one had the correct tools to observe, recognize and analyses what is occurring.  

  I think that most people have heard of the double slit experiment and how light for example can act as a particle or a field depending on whether or not an observer is present. Strangely, the observer does not even have to be a human in a lab coat: digital or technical observation will alter the outcome as if the photon "knew" that some human or scientific method was being used to observe it or not. Turning a recorder on gets a different affect than turning it off. If a lesson is to be learned here it is observation can change reality at a quantum level. "Cause and effect" is losing ground to "observation and effect". Because you were born with psi ability, mastering in precognition, you observe at a different, level than the other 99% of the population, who care as much about psi ability as they do their tonsils... until something goes awry.

  You should also be aware that you may be entering states of Alpha Brainwave Patterns during the day - we all do - daydreaming for example. Incidentally, even watching a TV can put one in an Alpha brain wave pattern [~8Hz. - ~12Hz] which is the state where one is extremely relaxed, and if you are in this stage your psi ability has a better chance of emerging. Reading or listening to calming music [for some reason, likely due to its rhythm, baroque music works best] can put one in deep alpha state, as of course can certain medications.

  Well "T", I hope that this has helped you in some way. In closing, there are those who have had Near Death Experiences who say that during their brief time spent on the other side of the veil that they understood everything. That the answers to the universe were shown to them. Unfortunately recall is never allowed, the ineffable lessons are erased from the mind, both on a conscious and subconscious level. All that they remember is that for one brief moment they "knew".

  In the paranormal answers only create questions. If there is anything else that you feel that I can help you with do not hesitate to contact me.

  Warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada [EPC,
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Greg, thanks for your detailed comments. Great to have a conversation about it. For interest, a few of my own experiences in this general area. As I mentioned before, I don't bother so much nowadays, but I have accumulated 18 steno pads of dreams I thought worth recording, many of them precognitive, plus other odd experiences.


Tuesday/Wednesday 30 Apr/1 May 1991 - (dream) I visit a steam locomotive depot. Afterwards, walking back down the cinder path along the railway line I came across a small booth where a vendor was hawking railway paraphernalia. He already had a customer, a woman. I looked over her shoulder to see what she was buying. It was an enamelled metal ΄collector΄ brooch picturing a powerful British steam locomotive. I recogniZed the engine as belonging to the former London & North Eastern Railway, one of Gresley΄s celebrated class 'P2' 2-8-2 express passenger engines, the famous ΄Cock o΄ the North΄.
It so happens this is the favourite British loco of a (Canadian) railway enthusiast at work known as ΄Big Bert΄. I asked the vendor the price of the brooch, it was 50 cents. Wow, what a bargain! Naturally I bought the brooch for ΄Big Bert΄.
So that was the dream.

Next morning as soon as I got to the office I wrote up my dreams in my dream journal as per usual practice, then thought I’d slip over to the progress crib and tell ΄Big Bert΄ about it. Bert was wearing his treasured railwayman’s cap, but today, for the first time, he had two railway locomotive brooches pinned to it.
Typical of experience with anomalous phenomena, the connection passed unnoticed and the dream got pushed aside as we fell into discussion about the locomotive brooches on his cap. There was no brooch actually picturing the ΄Cock o΄ the North΄, but he did have a brooch picturing another LNER loco, ΄Flying Scotsman΄, which happens to be one of Sir Nigel Gresley΄s earlier locomotive designs.
Bert had only pinned the brooches on his cap last night, three of them, not two, so, as he suddenly realized from our discussion he had already lost one, he immediately removed the two remaining brooches for their safety.
Only later did the weird coincidence dawn on me. Yes, it is hard to believe I failed to make an immediate connection, but as I said before, that seems to be part of the strangeness of the phenomenon (in my case, anyway - but perhaps I am a little dim in some matters).

[Steam railways is a continuing interest of mine. My dream connecting ΄Big Bert΄ with a locomotive brooch occurred within the brief ten hour or so ΄window΄ in which the locomotive brooches were actually pinned to his cap].


This precognition (though conceivably, synchronicity) I consider one of my most remarkable, occurring Monday 2 June 1997.
For no particular reason I found myself musing on what might be the Spanish word for shirt - the possibility crossed my mind that it might be something from the same root as ΄camisole΄. No, it doesn’t sound very probable, but it’s just the way it happened.
When Randy arrives at work this day he immediately hands me a book saying I might find it interesting (history is another of my interests)- the book is: ΄The European Discovery of America΄ by Morrison. I realize I will not have time to read it in its entirety, but I plan to at least cursorily skim through it during morning break, and this I do.
One passage that catches my eye eerily correlates with my earlier musing regarding Spanish shirts. On pages 648-649 I read of a night raid by the British on local Indians as a way of pre-empting further attacks by them - they had lately been proving troublesome. The assault-party was to leave their shirt-tails hanging out as a means of easy identification in the dark. This ploy has been learnt from the Spanish, who called it ΄camisolo΄.
I record this unlikely synchronicity in my journal with all pertinent details from the book. It seems pointless to mention the coincidence to Randy, it being of the flaky ΄I just happened to be thinking of΄ kind.
However, about 1.30pm, during the lunch-break, a former workmate comes up from downstairs for a chat with us. As we stand conversing one of a pair of brothers who works for the company, walks past. Both Don and Gord are habitually less than fastidious about their appearance and, true to form, Don walks by with his shirt-tail hanging out. Our visitor notices this and remarks: ΄Have you ever noticed how both the B*** brothers go around with their shirt-tails hanging out?’ This further coincidence is too much for me, and removing Randy’s book from my desk-drawer I hand it to him saying: ΄Take a look at page 648 Randy΄ (the page number being fresh in my mind from having written up my report of the anomalous event earlier).
Randy reads it and grins, perhaps marvelling at my apparently photographic memory for page numbers, though remaining quite unaware of the wider implication.

On my way home from work one day I stopped off at the LCBO liquor store in Bolton (Ontario). I selected my purchase and stood behind another shopper at the checkout. The shopper and checkout clerk were apparently acquainted and their conversation revolved around the upcoming holiday weekend. The shopper was saying: “We are driving out to . . . .”, where the conversation stalled. “Oh, what’s the name of the place?” she flustered.
“Tobermory” I interjected, the answer popping confidently to mind and my being unable to stop myself relaying it out loud.
“Yes, that’s it, Tobermory” the lady continued without batting an eye, without even turning to see who had delivered the missing information.
I could perhaps have just made a lucky guess, except that the range of possibilities must have been absolutely colossal. And except again, this was by no means an isolated instance of the phenomenon.
A telling aspect of this type of experience for me is that the answer, here it was a word, sometimes it is a whole phrase, pops into the mind unbidden and  expected. There is no intent to guess it, or divine it, it just happens! The word, sometimes a complete phrase, manifests word-for-word, whether the foreseen utterance be live or on TV. Mental telepathy must certainly be excluded from possibility with at least pre-recorded TV shows.
Natural reticence is no barrier to blurting it out, and it always comes as a shock to me, if not always so much of a surprise to the other participants, as in the above instance. In this particular case, the person whose utterance was foreseen, expressed no such surprise at a complete stranger blurting out her missing information. As I say, a common, yet intriguing, aspect of the phenomenon.
For me, this calm acceptance of the incredible, brings to mind the case of the elderly couple who took a walk along the river prior to returning to their hotel to turn in for the night. Seeing a bridge through the trees ahead they proposed crossing it and returning along the far side of the river. But the bridge proved illusory, and although they walked on and on they never came upon it. Back at the hotel, exhausted and grumpy, they focussed their annoyance on a member of hotel staff. ‘Yes’, he responded without turning a hair, ‘that would have been the old trestle bridge washed away in a storm some years back’. [This incident recorded by Joan Forman in her book ‘The Mask of Time’.)     

* Telepathy only a possibility if that is presumed to include an ability to home in on some word or idea that is not currently in the mind of the ‘sender’, yet does reside somewhere deeper in memory there.


Sunday 11 June 2000 - Out walking the dogs with Mary. The song ΄If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady΄ came up (someone was hammering and sawing nearby)*. Mary and I discussed this pleasant tune and the fact Bobby Darin**, the composer-singer, died young. Then, a per pro of nothing I asked did she know there was once a car called a Darrin (actually a Kaiser-Darrin***), few were built. Naturally enough Mary had never heard of it.

Sunday 11 June 2000, afternoon - A programme on TV about classic cars. The presenter is in a car museum (it may have been Chatham, Ontario), and as he moves through the display of vintage cars I catch sight of the distinctive front end of a Kaiser-Darrin towards the back of the hall. Ignoring all other exhibits, the presenter heads unerringly for this Kaiser-Darrin, identifies it as such, and proceeds to tell much of what I already know.      

* So I surmise prompted by the sound of sawing or chopping wood nearby - ΄carpentering΄.
**Note that Bobby Darin spelt his name with one ΄R΄ - and it
was a pseudonym. His real name was Cassotto.
***The car was the brainchild of ΄Dutch΄ Darrin - only 435 production cars being built - in 1954.


In 1963 I was working in Rugby and my brother and sister were still living at home with Mother in Aylesbury. One Saturday I went into the Rugby branch of Freeman, Hardy & Willis and selected and purchased a pair of black shoes. That following Friday I went home to Aylesbury to visit Mother.
It was then I learnt that the previous Saturday my brother had, like me, been out shopping for shoes. He too had visited Freeman, Hardy & Willis, the Aylesbury branch – where he had bought himself the exact same shoe in the same colour as I. So far as we could judge, it seems we were buying identical shoes at around the same time, but many miles apart, that same Saturday.


Tuesday 2 August 2005 - Driving down to Toronto with Mary for her to have gum surgery performed by her ex-boss. I asked her whether there might be a full medical dictionary in the dental office (as opposed to a dictionary of specifically dentistry terms). She thought there was but couldn’t be sure. I mentioned that I wanted to look up ΄anaphylactic΄, as in ΄anaphylactic shock΄ to confirm the full and accurate meaning of the term.
By the time we arrived at the dental office the thought had dissipated. While waiting for Mary out in the annex I picked up a copy of ΄Reader’s Digest΄. The book opened at the ΄Improve Your Word Power΄ page near the front, where my eye immediately fell on ΄ANAPHYLACTIC΄ - there too, was a comprehensive meaning of the word that I had been passing curious about but had then slipped my mind.

Wednesday 3 September 2003 (approx. 7.30am) - Lying in bed early morning and for no obvious reason my thoughts turn to Oliver Cromwell - born in Huntingdonshire; when he died his body was exhumed and desecrated, his head cut off and stuck on a pole; the pole being toppled in a storm and someone, I think a soldier, finding the head, carrying it off hidden under his cloak. The head is still kept by the man’s descendants to this day - so the story goes.
Same day, 9.01am, I turn on my computer: I first go into Ananova News on the Internet and come across: ΄Events that occurred today in history΄, and find ΄In 1651 Oliver Cromwell’s army defeated the Royalist forces at the Battle of Worcester. On this same day seven years later (1658), the Puritan leader and Lord Protector of England, died of pneumonia΄.


About Pauline Robinson (née Dowden) and me: Pauline is a distant maternal relative living in Norfolk, whom I only discovered through the Internet during extensive genealogical delvings. I would otherwise have never have known about her. Our respective Allbright ancestors were brothers born in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire - each was the last of our respective lines to live there. Their father was William Allbright (c1780-1825). The successive descendants of our two lines had migrated on through various parts of the country. Our respective immediate Allbright descendant forebears, my mother, and Pauline’s father, both happen to have moved from the London area to settle in Rugby in the Midlands after they each married. The more startling coincidence though is that Pauline had gone down to London as a young woman, living for a time in the London commuter town of Surbiton, where she lived in a quiet little road called Lovelace Gardens. It so happens I had also moved to London as a young man, and until buying my house in Guildford in 1973, I lived in Surbiton, where I also resided in Lovelace Gardens. It is even remarkable this otherwise insignificant fragment of personal history should have surfaced in what was purely genealogical correspondence between strangers.  


This coincidence occurred Saturday 5 February 2000: Mary and I were on a grocery-shopping expedition to Alliston and we digressed into Steadman’s general store. I bought a few stationery items, paying for them with my direct-debit card.
As it was too hot for me in the shop I went out to stand in the foyer as I waited for Mary to finish her own shopping.
Mary motioned me back into the store, having belatedly realized she carried insufficient change to pay for her purchases. I reached into my pocket and gave her all the change I had - a considerable pile. To this, Mary added the money she already had in her purse.
At the cash desk the sales girl totaled up her purchases and the bill came to $4 dollars and 77 cents. Mary tipped all her change on to the counter and counted out $4.77, or so she thought. As she handed the money to the girl she asked the girl if she felt bad about leaving her with just one cent, all that was left over from the pile, and we laughed. But when the girl had herself painstakingly counted out the loose change it amounted to only $4.76 - one cent short.
Mary handed over her final cent and we all agreed: ΄Gosh, what were the chances?΄


A family once lived on a boat on the lake. When the boat caught fire they all escaped the blaze, but the boat was a total loss.
Years later one of the children, now grown and married with children of her own, bought a house in Mono Township, twenty minutes from where I live (lived at the time). The house was in a rather run-down condition and she and her husband really went to town on the renovation. During lifting the old linoleum in the kitchen they exposed a newspaper underlay. The astonished woman found herself looking down at a yellowed newspaper picture of herself as a young child, together with the report of the boat fire suffered by her family all those years before.

Tony N.

Hi "T"

  Wow, that's a lot of experiences, and apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

  I have a few ideas but do not know how they'll wash out. Look up John Robert Columbo. He may be interested is doing a collaboration with you. He is one of our [Canada's] best known writers of the mysterious and unexplained. If things go right tell him that the guy who "Tangos with Ghosts and Spirits" refereed you:

You might find an idea or two from the Resources Page from my web site:

in particular the Worldwide Prediction Registry:

You might also find some information at Dr. Gary Schwartz's site:

Or you could start a blog where you would be in control of members, comments and posts.  

I don't know how helpful this is but it would be a shame to keep this to yourself. There is an audience out there. Do keep me posted!


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