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Paranormal Phenomena/Is it a demon, a ghost, or am I crazy?


Okay so for the past 3 months or so I have been experiencing creepy stuff, and it only happens when I'm alone, no one else in my home experiences it. When i first started to notice it was about August, I was outside in my garage and the radio came on by itself, it doesn't have timer or anything, it's not an alarm. I just went on, didn't think much of it. Also when I'm alone I get this weird feeling like I'm being watched, I hear noises, see things such as black figures. This morning I woke up with scratches on me, I sleep alone, no pets or anything, I keep my nails short because I bite them. The scracthes are long, and they burn. Everyone tells me I probably scratched
myself in my sleep. Also earlier today I was home alone, and I thought someone was in the kitchen and I started talking, no one said anything back so o went to check it out thinking someone was home but no one was there. Also please forgive me if I'm not even in the right place to be asking this I'm just scared.

Hello Brittany,

Thank you for writing. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Seeing black shadows is not your imagination. That is a sign of some negative entity problems in your home. It is common for one person to who is more sensitive or vulnerable in some way to be the primary target while others have little or no paranormal activity. Eventually the activity will spread to the others over time as it escalates daily.

This is a serious situation. This is not a ghost but a single demonic infestation. The entrance point of this problem happened in the May-June time frame though you may not have been aware of it yet. There were probably emotional issues for you at that time or disruptive events that made easy triggers for something to manipulate and capitalize on with respect to bothering you.

You have to address this situation ASAP. I suggest the books below to give you knowledge and power over what you're dealing with. Prayers, faith and a solid resolve for Divine help is needed.

1. Protecting your home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
2. When Pigs Move in - Don Dickerman
3. Demons in Disguise - Steve Wohlberg

I hope this helps. Don't be afraid as much as possible. You really do have the power to expel this spirit. The willpower and faith in Divine intervention is your greatest weapon against sadness, fear and weariness.

Take care,

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