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QUESTION: Ever since I was a child I have been watched by things and have seen things that are not there. I have had head trauma and several near death experiences, and since then things are only worse. I feel things touch me, hear people calling my name when I am alone, and seen mists which briefly turn into a shadow type figure. I have also seen people who are not there. When someone close to me dies, I can tell because their spirit visits me. I will call their home and find out they are deceased. I can feel when someone is ill. I hear knocking noises which have never had the reason discovered. I smell certain smells and know who is near and if something bad is going to happen by the smell. Am I being haunted, or is there another explanation? I am very confused on this.

ANSWER: Hello "R",

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. There are two likely possibilities for the events occurring in your life. From the information that you gave me it will be difficult to make a diagnosis, but as I see it there are only the two reasonable possibilities that jumped immediately to mind.  It is made even more difficult as you state that this happened at a young age, as that points to both a psychological / physical condition or a psychical ability. In either case, based on your words, "...makes things worse." I am going to make a guess that you are not pleased with the development of your issue, that is its apparent strengthening.

  First you may have a psychological disorder or physical condition. People HATE it when I mention the psychological thing, and hence I no longer try to make the statement subtlety or diplomatically. So I now go right to the point. Please bear in mind that I am in no way indicating that you are crazy and should be out shopping for a straight jacket. Canvas is not the new black! What you ask is are you being haunted or is there another explanation. This is one of the "other explanations" and the one that I want to address first, even though I do not think that it explains your situation. I do however address inquiries from many view points as I feel that it serves the questioner better than to blurt out a single unidirectional response. When able I try to cover a wider spectrum of possibilities to leave the reader with information, not opinion.

  If you do not have a psychological issue such as a psychosis or personality disorder such as a Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Schizophrenia or any of its subtypes or any type of somatic / medical condition such as epilepsy or any of its subtypes then the answer may lay elsewhere. However if you are uncertain of the above, please get a professional, medical check up and a qualified diagnosis. Make certain that your frontal lobes, pineal gland and most importantly your temporal lobes are functioning as they should be. Temporal lobe issues can cause haunt-like hallucinations as you've described as can temporal lobe seizures or epileptic episodes. It is vital that you realize that head trauma can be a major cause of Adult Onset Epilepsy. So the new events may be largely due to hallucination. It is the statement that you are now smelling things which makes me suspicious, as epileptic activity may be preceded by an olfactory hallucination - smelling an odor.

  That said, let's move onto possibility two, which in you case and given the information you supplied was the first thing to come to my mind and likely applies to you and your situation. You may have been born with your sixth sense more developed than the rest of us. For an explanation please read my reply to 'Anomalous experiences' at:

The part of that reply that you need to know regards the possibility that psi ability may not be an extra sense, but merely an atrophic sense.

  The head trauma may have added to your pre-existing ability to sense those from the ghost realm. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience seem your strong points with more recent Clairolfaction abilities added as well. Now this is the most important part of my reply, it is not uncommon for those who have gone through a NDE to have discovered in the aftermath that they have new [or as I believe  'awakened latent'] psychical abilities. Now when added to the fact that you have had several NDE's atop your pre-existing abilities it is no wonder that strengthening and reinforcement has occurred.

  Do you have a curse or a gift? That depends on your point of view. Its a curse if you could easily do without it and a gift if you want to use the ability for purposes that give you satisfaction. One method to get rid of, or lessen the ability is to speak aloud to your Spirit Guide asking him/her [just refer them by title - "my spirit guide" for example]to block incoming calls. Ask your Gatekeeper to stop unwanted visitors and not allow anyone or any message through unless it is of vital importance. In short, you want to be left alone by those in the ghost realm. Make this a daily thing for awhile, upon going to bed and again upon wakening, even in the day if something is being received. It is the duty of your guides and gatekeeper [a.k.a. doorkeeper] to watch over you, especially in a spiritual sense. As a precaution, ask that the beings of the pure white light surround you and your home with the white light of protection. You may wish to smudge your home as well.

  "R", I hope that I have shed some light on your situation and the occurrences in your life. Its a shame that we, as a species let our psi abilities go to waste. In light, certain Aboriginal tribes in Australia still use telepathy as a given method of communication amongst their members. We are an arrogant people and by dissociating ourselves with other animals, tend to shun the very idea of psi abilities, while other animals rely upon them. To err is human - actually its a prerequisite.

  If you feel that I can be of any other assistance do not hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help.

Best regards,

Greg Pocha
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies
Eidolon Project Canada
Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton Alberta Canada  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have no seizures, or psychological anomalies. Therefore, I wish to thank you for the information you have provided. I have my home smudged every 6 months and do call on the white light as you have suggested. I also found out that they are starting to be more passive in the last few days. I appreciate your time and honesty. Thank you again for your input.

Hi "R",

  I'm glad that you are healthy. If you re-read my prior response I gave two possibilities. The medical explanation was there due to the fact that I give more than one possibility for a situation when it is possible to do so. If you read back you will see that the first explanation was in my opinion the least likely one, but due to the ethics that I follow, I presented it. You will notice that what I feel is that you are indeed one of the few people who are sensitive to the ghost realm and that your head injury and NDE's may have been the catalyst of your newer ability of clairolfaction, the ability to sense smells and odors. This is not uncommon. The medium, David Wells of England is a good example. He was a normal, ordinary everyday chap when he was hospitalized with pneumonia, if memory serves correct.  While in hospital he had a NDE. Upon his release he began to notice that he was developing psychic and mediumistic abilities. His story is one of many of such occurrences. Now given the fact that you were born with the gift, your abilities were enhanced.

  Because of your given talent you are a beacon to those in the ghost realm. Some call it the gift of shinning, as in the movie The Shinning. You glow and that light attracts the dead who have not gone into the light to evolve into spirits. As you likely know, keeping yourself protected is most important.

  Smudging is good and I'm glad that you do so on a regular basis. Remember that when you are dealing with the deceased. In my experience I have found that a ceremony prior to smudging helps to remove the human factor instead of just removing negative energies in general. It is a sociological and psychological fact that ceremony is a part of our experiences and plays a role in being "human". Some examples: Getting married is basically signing a contract, burial / cremation is being put someplace, a birthday is just another day.... It is the ceremony that makes the occasion an event. Human beings like to feel special, whether they are breathing or not.

  If you were offended I am sorry. I never assumed, said that you were psychologically unbalanced. I've dealt with those, and recognize a mental issue when it comes along. The job that I took when I decided to excel in my avocation was to leave bias at the door and to present to people all of the possibilities regarding their situation. Do other, in my opinion, is just presenting my personal, and there fore biased and subjective point of view. I am not here to validate every questioners concerns as many other experts do. Being involved in both the paranormal and parapsychology I feel it my duty to inform fully. Also, perhaps on a personal agenda, I have to satisfy the readers whom are cynical of the paranormal, who only present the paranormal side of the story and that, to their closed minds just makes me another "one of them", - a misguided spook freak. And to that end, although it does not apply to you or your situation, the following is for those who might find the following of interest. Not all types of epilepsy have grand-mal seizures, some have barely noticeable ones lasting mere seconds where even those in contact with the person doesn't notice the event.

  Please excuse any errors. My proof reader is absent and I am having an Iritis attack and my eye sight is a bit compromised. Take care and good luck with your forward journey.


Greg Pocha

Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies
Eidolon Project Canada
Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton Alberta Canada  

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