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Paranormal Phenomena/Strange sounds. Can music be satanic or have a negative influence on the mind?


Hi. I am Devi.
I listen to a lot of pop music. I had recently started listening to songs by a particular artist, her name starting with M. I became so deeply moved by her songs and their lyrics which contain a certain amount of pain and beauty. Two-three days into listening to her songs day and night, I felt a change in my mindset and state of well being. I don't know if it has any connection to these songs I listened to.

I, usually a very strong person, suddenly started feeling very depressed. The past few days, I was in hell. The change was so sudden, I suspected there was a very specific reason to it but I couldn't point it to anything in particular. I was so depressed, I really did think of suicide and started writing some really dark poetry. I have never had depression before ever in my whole life though I had been diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Also, today while listening to the same songs, I also heard strange electronic sounds in between. My laptop was perfectly fine until today.Also, I wasn't listening to her music for a while until today, on purpose.

Her music to me, seems like pure artistic perfection and I am almost obsessed. They play in my mind all the time, at this moment too and I have fallen "in love" with the singer, her voice so addicting. I can't stop listening to her voice in my mind.

I often wondered whats her story, cuz there seems to be some hidden sadness inside each song. There is one particular song about rape and I feel a connection to this song. I am a rape survivor. The song brought back certain memories and I ended up feeling worthless. Perhaps, it just has a psychological cause.

However the weird electronic sounds that I am hearing do seem strange and I wonder if there is anything else going on.

My friend had once sent a link to a video playing another favorite musician's, (her name starting with R; not that it matters) song backwards and I was wondering if its just a fake video or if there actually is something to it. Its funny, i found the reversed version more interesting. But the messages were very clear.          ( )

Could you provide some insight? Can music be "satanic" (if there is such a thing as that)? How do these reversed messages enter songs? Should I stop listening? Is there a connection between the music and my negativity? Is that connection in any way, paranormal in nature?
Thank you. Waiting eagerly for your answer.

There is no scientific evidence of anything demonic in music. However, music can effect us psychologically. It certainly effects mood and thoughts. Also so called backwards masking has little merit in fact. The nature of the English language does create words sometimes when certain words are played backwards, and its just the nature of the phonetics of the language. I would get a check up with your doctor about any suicidal thoughts you may be having. It could be a byproduct of certain medications or foods. Play it safe and get a check up.

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