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Hi, We recently rented an old house which had been closed up for many months.

When we 1st moved opened the door you were hit with that old stale house smell. After 2 months the smell appears to move from one spot to another. Now when driving the car gets that same smell till we return to the house. One night when I was at work my wife heard a male voice tell 2 children to "to stop talking and go to sleep" Both the children's names were mentioned which we found out later from the real estate agent are the names of the 2 brothers who's family home it was(and now are the owners) When working at her computer my wife wife will hear a male softly clearing his throat while feeling like he is looking over her shoulder. Often when we come home and you feel like calling out "hi everyone, we're home" as the house feels like people are in it. I know its only a building but the overall vibe of the place can only be described as very safe, happy and loving. We are not concerned but just wonder are we being haunted? Many thanks for your thoughts. Ron

Hello R,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. I have taken some time to think about the occurring events and believe that you are indeed subject to a haunting. As far as a haunting goes yours seem harmless.

  First I will deal with the odor that you are experiencing. Two "normal" causes come to mind and one paranormal. Of the earthly causes, it is not uncommon for an animal to get caught in the timbers of the house between outer and inner walls, die and decay. They can also get trapped in the venting system or actual live animals may be roosting in the attic.

  The other reason is that the molecules of whatever had originally caused the odor in the first place have become part and parcel of the environment. These molecules, in the air may attach themselves to fabrics such as clothing, and upholstery. One way to get rid of the odor is to have the home professionally cleaned including walls, vents and carpets. You may also want to purchase a negative ion generator. These units turn oxygen [O2] into [O3] ozone. The extra ion created will cling to the molecules and improve the air quality as well.

  The paranormal explanation, and the one that I am more prone to given your story is that the aroma is associated with one of the people who formally resided in the home. With absolutely no insult or degradation intended some people have a certain ambiance. They may have been due to incontinence, a metabolic disorder, sweat from the apocrine glands, diabetic ketoacidosis, or other medical conditions, not to mention poor hygiene in general. So how is this paranormal? It is not uncommon for places that are haunted by a certain individual to smell odors associated with that person. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes, perfume, flowers, etc.  

  To answer your question, "...are you being haunted?" I would have to say that yes, there seems to be some intelligence and interaction with this person. At first I thought that maybe this was a case of residual phenomena, even with the names coincidentally being the same [and it is only a coincidence - don't read more into than that it's uncanny, yes, paranormal, not]. All of what you describe could be due to residual phenomena with the exceptions of being followed out to the auto and the voice telling the children to settle in, as those incidents seem to relate directly to activity that is current in the home or car. Incidentally, paranormal phenomena is not a haunting by definition. The events are not caused by an active, reactive or interactive entity. Actually the cause of the activity need not even be dead!

  I agree with you, the ghost that you are sharing your home with seems harmless, and loving. A care giver and watchman. I do not see him as posing any harm to you. However, should this ghost still feel that the house is "his", he may get upset and more active should you plan on or begin major changes to the place. Minor repairs are probably welcome, adding a floor and removing walls could cause havoc. All ghosts are different as all ghosts are still only human, so there is no way to predict any reaction without knowing the personality of the gentleman to begin with.

  However, better safe than sorry... on a regular basis ask that your guides, guardians and gatekeepers [astral bouncers] of the pure white light protect you, your family and loved ones, your home and your possessions from any evil, malicious, malevolent and negative beings, entities and energies. If the ghost is truly of kind heart and intentions, he will also be protected, but if not, then you and yours are being protected by default. Never tell the ghost directly to get out [some say it works - I say it has the potential of ticking off a ghost and creating trouble in the long run.] There are subtler and safer ways of removing unwanted ghosts. But things being what they seem, asking protection is safe and harmless as long as it is kept personal.

  Well R, I am sorry for the delay in getting this out to you. I don't know why but winter is our busier periods as far as investigations... of course I've a theory on that. So not only thank you for your patience, but also be assured that if you need any more advice with anything falling within my areas of expertise, do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards and the best of the season,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada,[EPC]
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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