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Dear Mr Pocha,
I would like to ask you if in your opinion, people after death realize the mistakes they have made during their life or not.
Are they sorry about them? Do they desire they could fix them (as shown in movies) or they just go on to the next thing they are going to do or even remain with the same kind of Logic they had when they were alive.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hello F,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena. The questions are interesting and what on the surface seem to have simple answers, where in fact the answers are complicated mainly because they depend upon circumstances and individual personality traits of the deceased. There will be a common denominator, what is referred to as "The Light", and this light plays an important role in determining ones afterlife future.

  When an individual dies it is their mind (soul) and its components of consciousness and personality that survives. In essence all that changes from the passing between the realms of life and death is that in one moment one exists within a living, or in case of illness, a semi-functioning body, and in the next moment one exists, but without the body. The person, that is to say the mind and the individuals personal make up remains untouched. There is a saying in parapsychology, "As in life, so in death." So if one were a kindly person with a kindly soul in life that is who'll they will be in death. Charles Manson will remain Charles Manson after he dies and Mother Teresa will remain Mother Teresa. And here is where it gets a bit complicated, who is likely to go where and feel what? Now I personally don't know either of the aforementioned people, but by profiling their personalities I can make a fairly certain assessment of their pending (Mason) and existing (Mother T) afterlife existence.

  Manson will choose not to go into the light. When he dies he will realize that life goes on without a body, that there is an afterlife, and then be aware that perhaps judgment is awaiting him should he enter the light, and as a result go to "Hell". By remaining earth bound, and hence a ghost, he will still be who he was before death, a non-remorseful sociopath and heartless psychopath. It will be wrong to say that the man has no soul. However it is fair to say that his soul is "rotten". Upon death he will have no remorse and still feel that his actions were just. According to him what is there to feel sorry for? What mistakes, except getting caught, did he make? I might add that he will be one of those ghosts who one would not want to encounter. I must also add that if he is the way he is due to a disease or abnormality of the mind - a person who is the way that he is because for some reason of defect his brain does not function properly, there may be pity for him by those in higher positions. In the afterlife one is not punished for being sick.

  Mother Teresa, on the other hand, likely went directly into the light. By not remaining earth bound and by entering the light she went into the realm of existence where everyone is meant to go, the Spirit Realm. As a spirit she will continue to progress, learn and evolve as a being. She will have anything that she desires and be in paradise. Some call it Heaven, some call it the spirit realm, some call it Summerland and some refer to it as the next stage in life. She will remain a loving, caring and sacrificing soul, as in life - so in death.

  Obviously there is a certain freedom of choice in the afterlife. This is evident due to the existence of ghosts, who made a decision not to go into the light. It is important that personal decision is NOT the only reason that the light is avoided. There are several reasons that I will not go into here. However just to mention a few, sudden death where one is not aware that they have died, or those having so called "unfinished business" may keep a soul earth bound. Some of these souls will eventually make the journey to the light once their issue is resolved or if somebody steps in to help them understand.

  Now to get to your questions. Assuming that the deceased went into the tunnel ending in the light immediately or soon after death, they will be shown a life review (their life flashes before their eyes). With them at this review will be their life long spirit guide (people who are religious may refer to him as God or Jesus or Allah or whomever they worship). In this panoramic review of their life one sees everything that they have done while alive, the good, the bad and even the mundane. If they are normal people they will indeed feel sorry and remorseful because of some of the things that they have done that were bad, even evil. But they are also happy when shown the good times. Nothing in the review is trivial and all emotions may be expressed. One important note is that the review not only includes your actions, but you get to see and feel how your actions affected others. You see how they reacted to what you have done through their eyes and you feel how they felt. Again, this includes both good and bad. Manson will feel his victims fears and pain as if he were them, while Mother Teresa will be overwhelmed by the love of those she helped through their eyes and feelings. Yes, many wish that they could go back and fix any damage that they have done.

  The life review lasts only a short time, (according to those who have had a Near Death Experience, NDE, and it is NDEs that this answer in part is based upon) but since it seems that the dimension of time plays no role once one has died, the actual amount of time the review takes is unknown. I can safely say that if one has had a NDE and had died and been resuscitated within moments of the death, and they had a full life review while they were dead, then the length of review is short by default.

  The beings of the light do not judge the soul. The deceased instead judges themselves based on what they have felt and seen during the review. Those who felt nothing during the review about the times that they hurt people are not sent to hell - instead they are like to go to a lower realm of the spirit world where those like themselves gather as in this case similar, not opposites attract. In time, and with help from those of a higher state, some of these individuals may rise in the ranks. Noone is doomed forever unless their damnation is self imposed. But help is always there. Actually ones spirit guide remains with one should he decide to remain a ghost. Then the lack of time must be welcome, as that has to be one boring job!

  Yes, everyone continues into death with the same "logic" or mind set as they had in life. We are who we are, body or not. But as in life, so in death, we have a chance to grow and develop and evolve as spirits or we have a chance to do nothing and aimlessly stay in the realm of the ghosts, remaining ourselves and remaining stagnant.

  I hope that this has helped clear up some of the questions that you posed. I must apologize for the late reply but your question came in during a busy time, being Christmas and all. I wish you all the best in the New Year!

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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