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QUESTION: I have been sidetracked in trying to figure out what I'm dealing with here. It started when I once prayed to the deceased person of Brandon Teena. She is an infamous woman who died of "friends" who killed her because she hid her sexuality and pretended to be a man. So as odd as I am I prayed on the date of her death "I am sorry what they did to you etc" So after I said that I sensed Reeva Steenkamp in a robe replying "I wish more people like you had compassion." Then I fell in love with her in a supernatural way. After that, I received dreams about her, they were taboo in nature but also loving. Her spirit suggested I go to NY and being odd that I am and stupid at the time I went and actually got accepted to NYU. While there I felt her ghost in the shower looking at me from the toilet.  Then I slept in my room and saw her ghost wearing a pink shirt and blue shorts. But when I looked at the photograph from the death in the pics making rounds on the internet as the dead girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, she is wearing a black t shirt. So I thought why did I see her wearing a pink top instead of a black top ? Then being mentally ill and somewhat gifted, I came back home from the summer of 2014 thinking nothing much of it. I didn't think she was alive at the time. But in and around August I thought why don't I do a remote viewing exercise to determine her whereabouts. I was getting obsessive and still am but its loosening. So I wrote it out "target: reeva steenkamp, location: los angeles, etc" and I got leads. It indicated she was a prostitute. I drew a gestalt sketch. It pictured a equal distanced cross, a fetal position, a wave, a stack of buildings, and a sperm I believe I don't recall. But the words I picked up were "hot, warm, eww, fat, gross" etc. I was disturbed. I wondered if I picked up on something else I shouldn't have. So I tried to get in touch with detectives they thought I was nuts. And I don't have money and I still spent it and my parents were so angry at me for trying to help they lost sleep and were worried. So I hated myself for even worrying for this lady. Everyone was saying forget about it she's dead. But my OCD persisted. At the end of August I channeled a person name Erik who died by suicide and his doctor mom has a youtube channel called "Channeling Erik" and so I asked Erik for help. He said in my spirit "I am getting tired of seeing her like this just go I'll tell you where to look" So again being the idiot I am I went in my car and drove to hollywood specifically on sunset like I believed she'd be and received confirmation from him too. I arrived and he said "look three blocks ahead and look around." So I did and to my astonishment I saw a woman who looked like but with black hair.  Now in the pics you see she dyed her hair. I reasoned by now the roots grew out. And so it can be here. This woman was wearing a second hand skirt and outdated clothes. She looked confused I noticed her. A detective said it could have "been her ghost." What do you think? Did I see her or am I believing what I want to believe? Please enlighten me on the subject. I read her mom's book too and I think the whole thing is sad. What do you see? I won't report anything because I don't know if its real. So far I'm on what a detective says "a wild goose chase." Maybe I experience her ghost. Its a bit scary actually. Please help stop my obsession. I would prefer my identity be kept private for  no problems with the parents. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hello,

Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions and concerns. To offer my best answer I will need some further information. Please answer the following questions so that I can get a better perspective of what is going on with your life.

1 - You mention that you have OCD, and I also recognize that it has become a slang term. What I need to know is whether or not you have actually been diagnosed with OCD?

2 - A gentleman never asks... but who's calling me a gentleman. How old are you?

3- Would you please take the following test and let me know what the results are. [I only need the results, not the answers to the questions]Oh, and please don't take offense. I am not indicating a mental health issue.

The information should help. I look forward to your reply in a follow up.


Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada
Research, Investigation, Education

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QUESTION: I was half joking of an obsessive compulsive disorder. I am actually treated for schizoaffective disorder by health professioals.

I am in my early thirties.

Scored high on neuroticism and art.

ANSWER: Hi there,

  Thank you for being so forthcoming with your reply. Often when I am faced with a question where I suspect that the writer has some form of psychological issue, neurosis or psychosis I have to walk on thin ice when bringing the subject up. But because I attempt to answer  questions from several view points, parapsychological, psychological, paranormal and rationally, I often have to find out the mental state of the questioner in order to provide an honest opinion. Some people get downright outraged if I even hint that the situation may have its roots in a psychological disorder, because they see it as an insult to their sanity - not just annoyed, but paranoid. To be honest, as soon as I started reading your letter I knew that the issue went beyond a paranormal context, I suspected immediately a psychotic issue, presumed that it was something in the Schizophrenic category and then knew that I'd have to question you about it as subtly as I could and eventually present to you my opinion. Your being honest has helped save a lot of time.

  Upwards and onwards to your question. When I first read your subject entry I groaned. The reason being that you are asking for "confirmation". Even before reading the question I knew that I could not offer confirmation nor validation of whatever you may have asked. It is something that I can never do, regardless of my knowledge in the paranormal as the subject itself is hugely based upon subjective experiences. I can not confirm what others are feeling, seeing, experiencing etc., as I am not privy to their minds. I feel like a White House press representative, "I can neither confirm or deny..."

  As interesting as your adventures were, I am hard pressed to find anything at all paranormal about them. Even the dreams and the work with the psychic can be nothing more than acting on suggestion. There appears to be a delusional factor to your SED, as is common. According to the DSM-IV-TR there are 5 evidential signs that enable a diagnosis to be made including, hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, affective flattering / alogia / avolition, and/or grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior. However if the delusions are bizarre or the hallucinations involve constantly commanding voices, or two voices speaking to each other, then only one of the two just mentioned are required.

  Clearly you have bizarre delusions that you are mistaking as signs of paranormal intercommunication with the deceased figures mentioned as assumed in your "psychic dreams". However,given you history one has to consider Ocham's Razor as a definite solution to your episodes, that being that you are prone to delusions due to your existing condition and hence that this is the cause as to what they are.

  You are treading in dangerous waters when you start to involve occult practices into your life to validate the delusions in an attempt to make the unreal real. This leads to auto-suggestion and suggestion is powerful, especially to a mind that is susceptible in the first place. Okay, the education in New York was a fluke of something positive floating in a sea of otherwise negative things including wasting your resources, time and money chasing something that only exists in you fixation. Chasing rainbows is okay if you don't have to travel across the country, "From New York to LA" [incidentally there was a disco song named just that] to catch it. However the particular rainbow that you are chasing exists only in your mind, and that may be hard to accept, and impossible to find.

  Your erotic dream indicates nothing. Everyone has erotic dreams - and more often than one might think. Research shows that women actually have these type of dreams more frequently than men - only it's not as physically obvious. Do not waste your time concerning your self with this.

  My advice is to give up on this whole Brandon Teena, Reeva Steencamp issue, especially at any type on "psychic" or "paranormal" level. If it persists, then you will need to show your doctor a copy of your letter and get his/her opinion, as this is out of my ballpark where a professional medical opinion is needed. There is no paranormal answer to your current inquiry, and any paranormal expert who claims to have an answer is full of crap. That includes the psychic that you contacted. Whoever it was was using suggestion as the catalyst and hypnosis and suggestion are not paranormal... and in your case can be potentially dangerous. Do not go walking in unfamiliar woods such as attempting spirit contact unless 1- you know what you are doing and 2- you are protected up to the eyeballs because there are dangerous things lurking in the woods of the ghost.

  There are no two cases of any particular mental issue that are exactly the same. Of all the diagnostic tools used in assessing SED, avolition is one. This is the inability to initiate and persist in goal-directed activities. Girls, that you don't have: your goal was to get to the bottom of this issue and the attempt took you cross country. Unfortunately, using your own words, it was a "wild goose chase".  And where your attempt to get the police and detectives to believe your "leads" and act upon them you turned to me seeking the confirmation that you need. As stated, there are paranormal fanatics and kook-balls that will believe you and give you what you desire, but the blind leading the blind is neither a productive or safe practice. Or you can trust me with this. Take this obsession and turn the time you could waste on it in the future and explore that artistic side that was brought up in the test. Art is often a world of fantasy... you may even make up the costs and more. Give it a shot, can't hurt!

  I hope that I have helped straighten out the wild path that you have been on lately. Psychology, parapsychology, psychical and paranormal events all share something in common, they all deal with the mind {will to be quite honest the medical arts deal with the brain and the psychic and paranormal deal with the mind as an entity separate of the brain as an organ]and the mind is subjective and individual. I do admire your strength and your search for the truth. The thing about truth is that it is not something that everyone is willing to, or can accept. If you need anymore advice or have more questions where you think that I can help, you know how to find me.

Take care and I wish you all the best of the season and beyond,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think your right. Luckily my dad is a well educated man and always asks me to reason before I make illogical decisions or thoughts. So from now on I will have no choice but to forgo this thought process over this person and I will move forward with my life in the arts. Good news that you may want to hear is that I have an apt w my Dr. in early Jan. and I will get a call back from my therapist. I see him on a regular basis he knows I have out of touch thoughts so he tells me to stay grounded. I will ask for more help on that. And he also tells me to stay in touch with my artistic side. Tomorrow morning a friend and I will log onto google docs and return to work on chapter three of our fantasy young adult fiction novel. I am glad she is the more logical side of the idea. She is an aspiring historian , linguist, and avid writer. It was not much help I graduated with a degree in religion but this certainly took me down a strange path I don't want my mind to ever engage in again. Hey yeah maybe it would be nice to see that woman in the afterlife if such thing could happen but I won't dwell on it. And the blind leading the blind part is true. People tell each other what they want to hear. I will have to ground myself extensively with people or books. Currently reading do it yourself guides for fixing things around the home and in building electronic gadgets from parts. Thank you for your well thought out explanation on how I should be less concerned with paranormal and not engage with the delusional aspects of myself and be more in tune with my gifts like the arts and what I like now electronic crafts. Have a good one sir.

Hi there,

   Thank you for your letter, it has made my day! I am glad to see that you realize the situation for what it is and that you are willing to do what is needed to better the situation to your favor. You are lucky to have a father who is educated, but may I also add that he is beyond just being educated, he is also smart!!!

  Writing a book - good for you. I wish you all the luck with that and do be sure to let me know when it is done. Just keep on the right path in your [logical and rational] endeavors and stay focused. And remember to have fun.

  In closing I would like to thank you for your kind thoughts. And you too... have a good one sunshine!

Warmest regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta  

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