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QUESTION: I am haunted by dark entities for nearly 9 months now. It started after my mother who lives overseas died on May 23 2014. I hear shuffling noises all over the house. They get worse through the night until daytime. These entities touch my left thigh regularly maybe to steal my energy. They have started to touch my private parts and once I woke up in the middle of the night when something tried to pull my cuddle pillow which was between my legs. They might be even raping me when I am asleep. they talk to me via telepathy. One male voice said to  me he is recruiting Aussies.I take sleeping tablets most times as these entities get so aggressive. Even lying down or sitting in the couch is an ordeal as one of them is always burrowing underneath it and I cannot make it stop even if I keep on smacking the couch or making noise. I move into another chair and it is there. They clone themselves I think as it gets so noisy at times and many feet stumping around. A local psychic I hired was not able to help me. I have downloaded plenty of invocations online but nothing helped. I pray to Jesus Christ and asked for the Archangels to help me but the entities pretend to be angels and nothing happens or they disappear and go into another part of the house and come back. Even in the v=bathroom and toilet they follow me. I have my dog in the bathroom when I have a shower to keep me company. The entity even followed me in church and kept rubbing my neck. They announce there presence when I feel cold wind on my neck and arms.
Please help me get rid of these entities.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello V.

   Thank you for writing to me at all experts with your concerns. I am glad that your wrote to me specifically as I will look at your issues from an unbiased point of view. I am going to examine your claims, not validate them giving you a possible false sense of your situation and how best to handle it.

  First allow me to deal with natural causes that may be affecting you. I can assure you that there aren't any elves targeting Australians. Maybe ELF's in the form of Extremely Low Frequency radiation, which is electromagnetic radio waves above 3 and below 30 Hz. and is also caused by the power supplying your home. I am uncertain about the power cycle in Australia but the two most common are 60Hzs. (N. America) and 50HZ. (England). At any rate (no pun intended) both can cause ELF radiation. This can cause negative health and physical issues and hallucinations. However, having been exposed to these wave lengths for some time, I doubt if you have suddenly developed a high sensitivity to them within the last nine months. So I'll rule out both elves and ELF's as a cause.

  You may be sensitive to what are called "evil winds". Pacific areas are prone to them. These hot, dry winds are positively charged (full of positive ions) and that can have a mental and physical effect on people. Suicides, crimes of violence and hospital admissions increase during periods just proceeding and during a bout with these winds. This is a case where positive is not good and negative is good - in regards to ions anyway. They may be the reason for some of the tactile accounts you wrote of. However, I am also placing this pot of explanation on the back burner. In any case, I would purchase a negative ionizer unit and use it close to your bed at night. Negative ions have a positive effect on ones health.

  I notice that much of you experiences occur when you are in bed. This is common for many. many people, and those who do not know of the source often mistake a normal physiological, parasomniac effect as something unworldly.  Parasomnia is an undesired sleep occurrence . These may include Hypnagogic / Hypnopompic Experiences [HHE] and Sleep Paralysis [SP]. This would offer an explanation to the male voice [auditory hallucination], the feelings of being touched or of being sexually molested [incubus syndrome], both tactile hallucinations. Migraines may be a factor. I am going to consider this a strong option for your night time incidents.

  So how do we explane the day time feeling of a presence. One factor can be fatigue. Fatigue is medically different from being tired or sleepy or "drained. Fatigue can cause hallucinations and the feeling of a presence [also common in HHE and SP accompanied with HHE] is among them. Sleeping pills can worsen the effects of fatigue as fatigue is not necessarily sleep related. It is also highly possible that due to the circumstances that you have developed an anxiety disorder. Symptoms include, but are not limited to a persistent state of apprehension and/or fear, fealings of dread without external cause, sleeping problems, fatigue and insomnia. Incidentally, a feeling of presence is not unknown in HHE, fatigue and anxiety issues.

  From a paranormal view point, the relativity of your grandmothers passing and the events that resulted since then may have some bearing on what has been happening to you as of late. I am sure that your grandmother was a wonderful, loving person, but in reality I do not know her nor her disposition. People are who they are, and although we tend to see relatives in a different light, let's face it, some relatives are pure and simply pains in the arse - and have caused me to add "arse" to my spell-check dictionary. I am not being disrespectful to your grandmother specifically or the deceased in general. But truth be told - the truth must be told! I think that we all have a relative or two that we could do without. Still, I wager your grandmother was loving, caring and an important person in your life.

  I am going to go with your grandmother being a good and loving individual, as the majority are. Based on that presumption, I can not see her deliberately causing you the emotional, mental, and physical trauma that you are going through. [If on the other hand, she was the wicked witch of the west incarnate whilst alive, then maybe she is the cause.] So if she was the loving granny, the time of her death and the events happening in between the time of her passing and now are merely coincidental.

  At this time I highly doubt that there is any type of entity in your home. There are too many non-paranormal factors to take into consideration. This could be the reason that a psychic had zero effect. [Don't get me started on "psychics". I honestly feel that at this time you get yourself to a doctor, get a check up and explain the symptoms with him/her. Be open and honest, don't think that they will think that you've gone off of your rocker. Self diagnosis is dangerous and I am not a qualified medical practitioner, so all I can offer are possible medical causes. I believe that you are creating your own monster by letting your assumption that the cause is paranormal in nature and not psycho-physiological. You are and therfore experience what you think. Your initial paranormal assumption has now snowballed. Please see a qualified medical person to rule out the "normal" before assuming that this is paranormal, and more importantly to be certain that you are in every sense okay. If so, write me again and I will reexamine this situation through different eyes.

  Yours sincerely,

Greg Pocha,
Paranormal Phenomena, All Experts

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I forgot to mention that early on a very old voice approached me and asked "Are you there"". And I answered Go Away. He was concerned that I was aiming a big knife at the little ones whom he called his children. Immediately after I had a big cough and had a nose bleed that was so heavy I had to be taken by ambulance to hospital. I recurred a few times and had to go back to hospital twice again until I had it cauterized by a private specialist. And last December I had a the entity was fiddling in my ear and it was itchy then it hurt.the next day I had vertigo and in hospital again for 2 days. That entity shuffles under my hospital bed when it quietens at night. When they were stuffing my nose with gauze to stop the bleeding I have seen the yellow light of the entity which turns into flying eyes hovering around checking what was happening to me. I went away for 5 days to the city which was 4 hours  away and the train mysteriously stopped somewhere . The train staff said a child climbed the signal light so they have to stop the train in case it might get electrocuted. I have seen that signal light and it was high and not possible for a child to climb into so it was the elf. At the train station I heard him say Elf Queen and \i merge in with the crowd. On my second night in the motel they were around when I opened the door. I got that eerie cold feeling when I opened the door. I go to the cinema and it touches my left thigh.
Even in the casino it was there and it talks to me and sometimes it tells me it will help me win something and I won. Even in the library I cover my left leg with a sweater to prevent it from being touched. It has been telling it will never go away. They wanted me to go with them. Even on our morning walks it catches up and touches my neck. , even when I was in church with a lot of people last Christmas. We lie in the recliner downstairs after lunch on a hot day and the shuffling is there. I move nearer to the dog which is lying down beside me and when his head is nearly under the recliner, then the shuffling stops.

Seal of Michael
Seal of Michael  

  I read the question and answer that you sent to Mr. Mathews regarding this same issue. In it you mention your husband. Can I safely assume that he is not witnessing any of the events that you are describing. Do you have any recorded audio or video evidence? Subjective evidence proves little in matters of the paranormal.

  Circumstantial nose bleeding aside (you are reading the nose bleeding as a sign of elf interference, thus self-supporting and self validating your dilution  - Yes, I said delusion!.  Most of the unsubstantiated "evidence" you mention continues to lead me to the fact that this is not a paranormal or parapsychological issue. Sorry, but I have to tell it as it appears.

  In my opinion you should seek the advice of a doctor who can refer you to a psychiatrist. SOON! Most of what you present in your two letters to me and another to another expert indicates that you are experiencing a psychotic episode, my guess being either Late-Onset Schizophrenia or Very-Late-Onset Schizophrenia- like Psychosis. You are not "crazy" and cures are available in temporary cases, as yours.

  Some of the symptoms include a greater chance of having auditory, visual, tactile [sexual "touching" is included], and olfactory hallucinations. Audio hallucinations are often accusatory, angry and abusive in nature. Also included are delusions [a strong unbending belief that something or some condition exists regardless of evidence of the contrary.] Incidentally, In the bible of psychiatric diagnosis, the DSM-V, schizophrenia is the only category that asks if the patient experiences paranormal events such as seeing entities, aliens, apparitions, etc. Although not specifically mentioned, elves would count as well.

  What can trigger late-onset psychosis? Well, among the selections are bereavement and death of peers. Death of your grandmother 9 months ago and your experiences beginning 9 months ago is more than circumstantial. It may actually be the cause with your illness the effect.

  Again, I am not a qualified medical professional so the above is my educated opinion. Because so much of the "Paranormal" can be explained psychologically I have studied the subject, so I do have a working knowledge of alternative answers as not to bias myself to an "everything is paranormal" attitude.

  Although your condition may not be exactly the ones that I have described above, I honestly feel, as do some of my colleagues, that seeking medical help - soon - is in your best interest.

  In the mean time this may offer some assistance, Rx. Repeat nightly.

"I require and request the presence of the Archangels and beings of the Pure White Light

To the South, Michael. ( Mee-Kah-Ehl )
To the North, Auriel  ( Ah-Ree-Ehl )
To the East, Raphael. ( Rah-Phah-Ehl )
To the West, Gabriel. ( Gah-Bree-Ehl )
To surround me, my Guides, Guardians and Protectors.

I ask that you surround us with your strength and protection. I ask that you fill our beings and this home with the pure light of your love and compassion. I ask that our Gate-keepers from the pure white light keep all malicious, malevolent, evil and negative energies, entities, beings and all earthbound souls away from my being and my possessions. I ask that my protectors surround me at all times and in all places with the shield of pure protective light. I ask this in the name of all that is pure and holy. As I ask, so must it be.

  I have attached a photo of the seal of Michael the Archangel. Print it and carry it with you.

  I am sorry if the answer that I give may offend you. I aim only to help. Of course you may expert shop until one validates your concerns, but that validation will only prolong your suffering if this is a medical issue. One of the bad things of freedom of choice can be the choices.And you are entirely free to choose.

Best of luck and Warm Regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies / Eidolon Project Canada
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