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I have started exploring Astral projection for the last year. I haven't had much difficulty with the first steps. Falling asleep and staying conscious but I have a problem going forward. Right now, when I try to astral project, I can feel myself go numb and know that I have entered the sleep state, after that I try to get up without much difficulty - When I touch things all the experiences are very real and I remember allot of detail. At first it was hard to see but then I read up on pulling energy from my physical body to clear it up. Where my problem comes in is that the first thing I do when I'm out of my body is try to see if its a dream of reality I'm looking at. At first glance it looks fine but then I start looking at details and allot of things are wrong. I first looked for my own body lying on the bed and could not see it. Then I looked for the astral string that connects me to my body and there was nothing. Then I noticed my wife being in the room, she looked completely different and there was no one in the bed where she should be sleeping (she was sitting up on the bed and I couldn't really communicate with her - later she followed me around for a bit and then left. She doesn't not attempt to astral project at all at the moment) When I leave the room I could instantly recognise that the house outside was completely different. I then proceeded as if it was a lucid dream knowing that I wasn't looking at actual reality. This has happened a few times. The point is that when i get out of my body the what I see isnt real - Things are not where they are supposed to be and a lot of things aren't there at all. I would like to know what is happening and why as well as how to get past this.

Dear Francois,

From what you describe you are projecting in the astral planes where things are often strange and disoriented from reality. Sounds like you would like to have an out of body experience in the real-time astral zone. This is the closest plane to actual reality. I have spent most of my time here. If you find yourself there then you may ecounter a number of beings including the recently deceased.

I'm sure you have found there are many books about techniques but the best solutions I have found are;

Firsty have the intention of going to the realtime zone when you attempt to project.

A good technique is to try to project immediately after waking up and imagine a mobile phone in your hand whilst you go deeper into trance. Keep trying to feel this phone as you sink deeper and deeper. Eventually you should actually feel it in your hands. This will indicate that you are in an out of body state.

Hope this is of some use.


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