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I was visited by a dark pink Orb on 12/19/14. It had 3 rings the outer and the center ring were solid. Those 2 had a metallic look and had a mineral look as well. It was red and green on the crystal formations but not a lot of other colors. It also pulsated to the center and had lightening. (Like a nerve that has been severed and trying to repair itself.) The middle ring was clear and dark pink. It was there when I opened my eyes and I saw it with both eyes. On 2 other occasions I saw an egg shaped white orb that had cloud like rotation. I only saw those from the peripheral vision.

I have had what I believe to be poltergeist that spoke the words "killer or Kill her". Someone told me that it was to kill it out of my mind. I have had other orb sightings in the peripheral (lavender) and another around 36" bright green orb that I saw with both eyes.

Are these ghosts or angels?
You can email me for more info. I will give my full info when I get comfortable with speaking to you. I have many photos, including a ghost and a being from the future according to a friend that sees things.


  Thank you for writing to me, the unpopular expert, with your questions and concerns. Why unpopular. I do not stand on biased grounds. I will not "validate" or confirm that you are having a paranormal episode if the evidence points towards a more rational and often a medical or psychological issue. Experts who specialize and are biased toward demonology will cry "demon" at every chance. The Holy Rollers will preach. all entities are dark to them. Those with a background in medicine will despite their training not be able to distinguish between  a paranormal issue and a potential mental or physical health issue as that might lower their popularity and subtract from their standing as a "Paranormal Expert", and god forbid, lower their ratings , as if those ratings held any credence out side of ego boosting to begin with.

  It should be empathized that to those who wish to present themselves as "experts" should be beneficial to the questioner first and to themselves lastly. By biasedly answering towards their own beliefs they often do more harm than good. Perhaps an understanding of the concept of "Primum non Nocere" would do both the expert and the questioner a world of good. Unless you are blind, seeing the world through closed bias is not an option, it enlightens nothing. Closed minds think, no... react... alike. So I will continue with an answer that you will most likely not like. But until I have evidence of anything to the contrary, this is going to be it for now.

  I was recently discussing a similar case with a colleague. There was a time, not so long ago, but definitely before television programs and movies dealing with ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal were popular that when people saw strange, recurring obstacles or obstructions with their eyes they would seek out the help of a doctor. Nowadays they don't even consider the possibility that the occurrence may be medical. If the "orbs" that you are seeing are physiological and optical in nature, does it make sense to seek out the advise of any paranormal expert over that of a doctor?

  What you are describing may be part of an eye disease that may need the attention of a specialist before it degenerates into something more problematic. Sure, I could say , "Yes, you are being allowed the wonderful opportunity of seeing spirits and guides and angels. That they are your guardians and are there to help you and to let you now that they, via their crystalline rainbow orbs, are showing you that they are with you." Or I could tell you that seeing colored spots is natures warning of an onset eye disease such as glaucoma, or other such issue and seeking medical attention would at this time be in your best interest - better safe than sorry..

  People who work in this field  should go by the rule to eliminate all possibilities of an event having a "normal" cause, regardless of how strange that cause may be before jumping to the conclusion that the answer lay with in their areas of "expertise". Do to otherwise may cause more harm than good, especially when a medical may be at the root of the problem, not demons, witches, ghosts, poltergeists, shadow beings or even something as harmless as orbs.

  So here are the options, ask another expert if you need new age, neo-hippy advise validating your angel theory, or amuse me and get a referral to an ophthalmologist to make certain that you'll be able to continue your eyesight for years to come. If I am wrong, it is within my ethical policy to err on the side that most benefits the questioner. That may not make my answers popular, but I can sleep at night knowing that I didn't feed someone in need a line of BS! If I am wrong, we will take it as a paranormal event and move ahead from there.


Greg Pocha,
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