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I am curious about what different types of equipment can be used in paranormal investigation (how they work, what they measure, how to interpret those results, etc.). In your years of research, which tools do you find give the most accurate/observable results? If someone wanted to buy this equipment or make their own, where should they start?

Hi Katie. Sorry for my delay in replying but my schedule takes me on the road a lot and I have little time anymore for checking about. Your question is a good one, and it is precisely that subject that inspired me to write my book Paranormal Technology: Understanding the science of ghost hunting. To try and explain the principles of operation in different equipment in a post is of course impossible. I filled 276 pages of a book going over each piece of equipment, what it measures, what that means, and how to put it together to mean something. Not only is what equipment you use important, but the protocols followed in its use is equally so. I would recommend at least buying the e-book version if nothing else because the book explains exactly what you are measuring. There are also tips for how to debunk, as well as simple experiments and some theories from my research. While the book was published in 2010, it is still selling strong and many groups have adopted it as their field guide to investigational equipment purchases and use. I am sorry I can't go into more detail, but it simply would take too much space and time to relate. The paperback is here:

And the e-book here:

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.


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I have been doing scientific research into the paranormal since 1976. My answers are rooted in sound scientific principles and proposed theories on cause and effect of paranormal phenomena. I can answer equipment questions, what is measured, what it means, and how to put it all together.


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