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As you know, there seems to be more and more devices being invented for communication with 'the other side'. You can even buy 'ghost boxes' now, and people are posting their findings on youtube.
I just spent some time reviewing some of the possibly more valid ones, and I have come to a conclusion.
It seems to me that that the other side is another dimension, very close and probably interacting with ours. It is in this realm that spirits reside, and these spirits are recently passed over and havent moved on to other more far away realms-heaven? As a Catholic, the concept of purgatory, or the waiting place, comes to mind. I think that demons also occupy this realm. One reason we pray for the recently departed is to give them the spiritual energy to move 'up' to the light, or heaven.
I would be interested in hearing your opinion on this. Thanks, and God Bless!

Hey Bud,

I come from a protestant perspective so I don't ascribe to the classically held Catholic belief of Purgatory. Now, prior to Christ's death, the souls of those who had died from Adam to Him who trusted in the then yet to come Risen Savior and they died with that faith, was held in a place of paradise which God set aside for them to reside until Christ preached to them and they received Him. At that time, they all departed that place and walked among the living as it says in scripture. I don't believe in a place of refinement so to speak or a middle ground. I'm slightly familiar with the concept of hell and how it came about as far as the classic version but that to me does not seem Biblical. We must understand history of the Church and the corruption that was rampant then. Of course even worse now but that's another conversation.

At the time "purgatory" came into acceptance, there were a lot of Greeks that had just been converted at Rome's sword. The Greeks believed in the gods. One of them being the god Hades. Hades in the Greek/Roman culture was the tormentor of souls. The keeper of the underworld. The boss of hell basically. The disciples didn't hold this view but they were long since removed from the scene. It was a very strongly held belief by the pagans that Constantine converted. But they were so voluminous in number that they came to the realization that the Roman army, if there was a revolt of the peasants, could not handle them. SO, they started making concessions. Some of those are our feasts like we have today. Easter, Christmas, Halloween. These were pagan feasts. Christmas is really the pagan Saturnalia if I spelled it right. It's a celebration of the winter solstice. And it wasn't Christ who was born on the 25th of Dec. but Temuz and several other false gods. Ever wondered why we have bunnies and eggs at Easter? What that has to do with the Resurrection of Christ? Absolutely nothing. It is the celebration of the pagan feast honoring Ishtar or Isis. The Egyptian demigod in sun worship and wife and sister to Ra or Horus, one of the two. This is also the Greek Aphrodite. Anywho, Isis or Ishtar is the goddess of FERTILITY. Now think about bunnies and eggs. The church let them keep their feasts and just stuck a "Christian" spin or label on it. But the root is the same. It never changed. In fact, and this is where we're getting to Purgatory, the early RCC figured out that they could profit from these Greek philosophies. They held themselves as the sole authority on all things God (as they still do today) and touted themselves as such. Holding this position they began to preach it. Purgatory or hell. And then claim that they, for a small fee, would pray those souls out of that place. Of course this scared those recently converted pagans to death and they surely didn't want their mom, dad, grandma, etc. stuck in a place like Purgatory. So they paid up. And it was a quite profitable venture for the RCC that just sort of stuck.

You have to be REALLY CAREFUL with those "technologies". It will get you a demon quicker than you can imagine. These spirit communication devices, even the baseless, stupid ones that just pop up random words and have no real tech, are the same as the planchet on a modern day Ouija board. It's HIGHLY dangerous. Demons use these things as a "point of contact". By your will being engaged to speak to these, that you believe to be spirits, via the tech; these demons assume a legal right to attach to you. In their way of looking at it, "After all, he initiated communication with me! He wants me to be part of him/her." Sometimes people will become symptomatic very soon after using one. Others might incubate for several years. Biding their time. I deal with demons all the time. I know how they operate.

Just as in a Ouija board, the thing that is speaking to you is not your dear departed loved one. It's a familiar spirit or a low level demon that tailed that loved one throughout their life. They are there to open a gateway. Za Za or sometimes referred to as Zo Zo is the gatekeeper demon if you will. Once someone knocks on the gate of hell, it opens it. And there is a horde of demons on his side of the gate waiting to flood the physical realm that they don't have access to unless someone opens it up to them.

You are correct about there being another dimension. Possibly many more. And they are extremely close at hand. But we are not meant to access them. God placed a ether between us for a reason. It is for our protection. Our sanity. It is a barrier that keeps them where they are and a barrier that keeps us from seeing them.

Paul said absent of the body is present with the Lord. And the Lord isn't in Purgatory. He ascended into Glory and sits at the right hand of the Father. So, if absent the body is present with Him and He's there, I can only rationally conclude that that is where I will be immediately when I lay down this body. Now there might be a part of me that sleeps. But sleep is sleep. At the resurrection when our spirits are reunited with our glorified bodies that come up out of the ground, that reunion with our spirit being will seem as INSTANT. Because there is no passage of time in sleep. :)

Now, I'm not sure if there is a place of torment for those who were absolutely evil in this life, but I don't believe that if there is a place like that that it's populated by the justified and the unjustified as well.

I imagine my opinion is somewhat of a departure from your own. :) It's all good though! lol

God bless!  

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