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I think there is a lot of background to my story so I will try to keep it short.  I grew up in a family of mediums. My grandmas mom, my grandma, my mom, and I all have experience in that arena.  I've pretty much dealt with spirits my whole life.  But nothing like this.  The place we live on is an old military base that was shut down and turned over to residents for dwelling.  We've lived in this house for almost three years without too many problems.

However, just recently in the last 6 months activity has picked up.  I had an incident after a family member gave us a used tv.  I woke up to what looked like a black creature over the top of me choking me.  I started speaking/praying/chanting and fighting and it dissipated. I've never encountered anything like this before.  We've seen orbs, items moving, things disappearing, whistling, and even foot steps.  My husband and I both feel like we are not alone in the house now.  It is like someone is standing next to us and staring at us.  I've woken up from short naps to see something short and shrouded in black standing next to my bed.  The activity further increased when we had to clean the house across the street for the new renters to move in.  We inherited  a lot of stuff from the previous owners as well.  Before we got anything though this stuff was happening but on a smaller scale.

What I am wondering is what we are experiencing is from the items or from the house itself?  Could we have created this environment or possibly just made it worse?  I never had a problem with antiques or anything older.  I used to buy old furniture and turn it into new stuff for buyers.  I haven't done that in a while though and all the pieces sold.  Could that have been what triggered this? I am just wondering if items, like furniture carry spirits with them no matter where they go?  Is there any true documented cases of items being haunted? I am not sure where to even start.  


Dear Ashley,

Spirits can attach themselves to objects, animals, people and places so it is possible that this spirit or spirits could be linked to one of the new items.  However, the spirit could have also entered the house from a person or pet. Whatever the case it does not seem to have good intentions. I don't generally read books or cases but there may well be documented cases of spirits attached to objects. I have dealt with a dark witch that was linked to a ring buried inside a house. This was published in a paranormal magazine many years ago.

Possible solutions to this are;

1) Cleanse the objects with salt and crystals, areate the house, play healing music, bless the objects, place salt around them in a circle then wash them if possible (keeping them inside the circle)

2) Send me a picture of the outside of your house (not inside) to and I will remove any -negative  entities.

In any case it would be a good idea to use unpolished amber to have in your pocket or under pillow for protection. Also, unpolished amethyst on window sills is also good. This is a good way to keep spirits out. Once a house has been cleared it needs to be protected so that other spirits do not enter.

Hope this is of some help.


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