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Okay, I will give you a bit of backstory about what happened last summer. My friends and I (August and Jasmine and myself Tanya) decided to go to one of our friends houses just to get out from the rv we were staying in (it was around 10:30 when we left and to walk into the town takes about 20 minutes but our friend lived on the other side of the town from is and about a mile away even from leaving the town so we would arrive around 12 if we didn't fool around too much) that night it got dark very quickly but luckily we made it to the beach which is in the middle of the town by the time it was almost pitch black, we decided to go into the public bathroom so we could warm up a bit and could have some light since we were forced to use nothing but the street lights because I hadn't charged my phone before we left and it was at 40%. We decided to hurry over since we had a long enough walk from were we were. (A couple hours earlier we had gone up the hill that leaves town and there was a man walking infront of us, he looked to be in his late teen years or early twenties and us being teens were saying how cute he was to each other but we noticed he had dropped one work glove and trying to be friendly with him we kept hollering to him that he had dropped his glove I picked it up and realized it was dirty which was common since we ere in the country so after he payed no attention to our calls I dropped the glove and carried on). So by the time we reached our friends house it was about 1:30 I'm not sure since it was such a while ago we decided that we needed to get back since it was so dark we couldn't see where we we're going without my phones flashlight shining ahead of us, we all began to get a very worried feeling for an unknown reason but it let us get into town fast. I could let my phone turn off for the walk through town since there is street lights, we finally after what seemed like forever got to the edge of town, realizing my phone was at 20% I told them we just needed to take our minds off of anything and and just talk incase my phone did shut off we might've been able to be calm. Me and August have always been very interested in paranormal so we have always heard that 3 am is dead time and while we were about only a quarter from town it turned 3. I took it upon myself to not tell my friends because I did not want to scare them anymore then they already we're. I've always been the friend to protect everyone even though I've always been the youngest I've always been almost the mother of my friends protecting them so I decided to let August rant about her ex boyfriend to keep jasmine calm. I had heard a faint yell so I looked back, when I looke I realized it was the man from before I couldn't really make out what he was doing from the distance away he was but once the yell got louder but he remained still we could make out him yelling at us for help. Jasmine had been having some problems with her legs to the point they were bleeding which made walking very difficult for her, so we had to balance her while trying to walk faster away from this man. We we're 2 fields away from where we were staying and I decided being the mother of my friends to look back and check we were all right and I saw nothing I made them continue walking fast because I was not letting anything happen. As We were turning down the road to were we were staying the yelling had happened again. Almost as if he was 5 feet behind us startled I pushed them forward and we ran into the yard, August being my friend of 7 years tripped on the fence that was about 2 feet off the ground when she forgotten to jump over it. I offered help but she said to keep going (she later told me she saw like a shadow but then almost a mans figure running towards us) she quickly got up and ran to the camper after they were all in I shut the door and locked it ensuring they were okay we sat in the silence for half an hour until we moved jasmine to another bed so she could lay her legs out. We all thought it was just a crazy guy until me and august were talking about it not that long ago. It was very quiet that night and you could hear everyone walking, if he was able to catch up to us he must've not been going slow enough for us not to hear our footsteps since we were so far ahead of him. And when he caught up to us nearly 2 minutes earlier I had looked back and I didn't see anything on the road or in either ditch. If it was someone alive it just isn't adding up to us, earlier in the day when we saw the man he had simply disappeared once we reached the top of the hill and we thought that was the last time we would've saw him. Throughout that time (once august went back to America, since this took place in canada) august and myself have had dreams about something watching us sleep, this black figure and you cannot see any details of it being a normal ghost having a human body for Augusts he is in her corners and will go from one side to the other, I wish I could say he was that far away from me. Whenever I "see" him he is right next to my bed staring down but with nothing almost as if there was a good covering his face but without the cloth like material and his body is the same it's just black. I haven't talked to jasmine about any of this since the morning after since we had an argue and she will my discuss what happened that night. If you know what this is please respond once you have time it would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Tanya,

Thank you for writing.

I believe you are confusing two different events as a chain of facts that somehow have a relationship to each other. The person on the road incident is simply that. It has nothing to do with your dreams or black figures in your bedrooms/residences. You were very lucky that this unknown person didn't cause you any real trouble while you were trekking across the countryside.

I am more concerned that both you and August are experiencing shadow person phenomena. This is not a wholesome situation. It certainly sounds like both of you have been experimenting with paranormal activities which always lead to paranormal manifestations invading your life to stay whether you want it or not. When you knock on the spiritual door, you are gambling that what answers will be good or bad.

I think that what you have is something that's been with you for a while and before the road incident. As happens with spiritual attachments, the paranormal activity escalates over time. I think August also has had a spiritual problem for less time than you. You must pray for it to leave you and strengthen your faith/relationship with Divine sources.

I suggest this book for you to read:

Protecting your home from Spiritual Darkness by Chuck Pierce.

It will give you a good overview of what is happening and how to deal with it. Don't avoid dealing with this problem ASAP. You need to make a stand against this entity but have to work calmly and without fear. You don't confront it. You use your power of spiritual warfare knowledge to do it via this book. It's thin and an easy read.

Until then do not engage it in any way via investigating, probing or communicating anything but your hard resolve to make it unwelcome in your place. No photos, tapes or other interactions except to pray when its near, ask for angelic assistance for removal and to remain steadfast against its presence mentally, emotionally and physically.

Fear feeds it and makes you paralyzed to act. You really do have the power to revoke any known or unknown invitations for it to be there and to rebuke its interactions with you. Be consistent with your unwillingness to let it scare you, invade your dreams or any other smoke and mirror tricks it tries on you. You can do this. Read, gain knowledge and act rationally. No more paranormal curiosity ever again.

Please take care,

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