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QUESTION: For several years now, my niece (who is 7) has drawn pictures. When she draws family pictures, she always has a gray figure holding her hand...all the rest of the people are normal colored. She never ever will talk about this other then to say he is a "friend." She has also said that he has red eyes. But, she will rarely rarely talk about this person because it scares her so much. She also has said it is hard to sleep because when she closes her eyes she sees "bad people" When asked why they are bad she says because they all have red eyes. No other paranormal issues seem to come no one else sees shadows or anything around the house. What could this thing be? Thanks

ANSWER: Dear Matt,

Has your neice lived in the same house since all this began? If this is an entity or entities then it is important to establish whether it or they are linked to the house (or object) or perhaps to her.  

Also, do you know of the history of the house? Anybody died there or any traumatic events close by. What is underneath the house? Have you seen a medium or sought any professional medical /pyschological advice?

In any case,  if this is an entity it sounds like it is causing concern for your niece.  There are a couple of actions that could help.

1) A picture of the outside of your house, indicate which room is your nieces if possible although this is not essential.
2) The full name of your niece

If you would like my help please send to


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QUESTION: Hello, thank you for replying. This has been going on since about 2013. In that time my sister (and my niece) have lived in 4 different houses (they just moved into the 4th one a few weeks ago.) This thing has been known to be around in 3 of those locations. In 2013, there was a massive flood in my area. My sister's place at that time was destroyed, so they had to stay at a motel. At this motel was when this started.

They have been seeing a psychological counselor, but they will not even touch the idea of this being a ghost or some kind of entity.

It might not really be an entity. But, it is so odd in my mind why this thing in her pictures is colored a gray color, while everyone else in the picture is normal color. As well as the fact that she says it has red eyes and is very very reluctant to talk about it. It puzzles me as to why she says it is her "friend" but is afraid of it.

Thank you.

Dear Matt,

Thank you for the information.

With all the information you have given sounds like if this is an entity then it is attached to your niece as it has appeared in several locations. Possibly picked up from the motel. Your niece may say it's her friend because that is what it has told her to say.

Another option is to see a qualified spirit release therapist. I am not sure if they will be able to assist due to her age.

My offer is open if needed but I would need the name. If not then best of luck.


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