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QUESTION: Hi there, I've had strange experiences my whole life with I guess you would call something paranormal. It started when I was really little. Our steros and TVs would turn on and flip through channels by themselves all the time. I watched lighters fly off the kitchen counter at my moms feet more than once. It didn't start effecting me personally until i was in my late teens. I would have dreams of a white very featureless creature attacking me, and still do to this day. I wake up and can still feel it gripping my arms. I was living in a small apartment with my 2 year old son and my closet shutters would bang all night long every night. Around that time I had had enough and asked if there was someone there, and if so to give me a sign. My laptop was off, but started playing music on its own about 10 seconds after I asked. I haven't asked it anything since. There's been countless other things but it would take a lifetime to write out.  Now I notice that since I've had a man in my life it's stopped. If he leaves for a few days it starts up again right away. Cupboards slamming, footsteps, knocking, pictures falling off the walls. No one believes me because it only happens when I'm alone. Except my mother because she's had it all her life to. Is there a correlation between this entity and having another male energy around? Is this an entity or my own energy manifesting itself into weird things? It doesn't scare me anymore, but I'd like to know why it only happens when I'm alone. Thanks so much for reading.

ANSWER: Dear Kate,
   Some of this activity feels like a female poltergeist that seems to be a relative of your mother before you were born. This female poltergeist had a very troubled life culminating in a difficult death. My impression is that it has tried to communicate with you for many years to relay the spirit's story. Having male energy around was too difficult for the spirit to handle.
   Guidance helped bring this female spirit before me for a healing. The adverse emotions were released, burdens forgiven, and flooded with unconditional love. The spirit asked to be crossed over to the Other Side. You have some objects in your house that are possessed by deceased humans. Can you identify those? Sometimes clients can sense more subtle energies once a stronger presence is removed. There are additional energetic remedies available if you wish.
  You have spiritual energy that seems to be under-developed. Do you remember any energetic skills you had as a child?
So much to ask, so much to learn,

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your response. That all makes sense. The only objects that I once had which is around the time I lived in that apartment was my great grandmothers wedding rings which have been fought over, lost, stolen, taken back and ended up in my hands. I gave them back to my my mom since I was afraid I would lose them. She died of pancreatic cancer and was very close to my mom.
I can definitely see how my spiritual energy is underdeveloped. I would hear messages as a kid but nothing more than that. I was so scared of spirits I totally closed that off and never explored it further. In my adult life I have a sixth sense about things that are going to happen or people that are in trouble. I'll have an overwhelming urge to suddenly check on something or someone. Or I'll repeatedly have someone's name or face pop in my head for appearantly no reason only to find out they need help or something terrible happened. I don't k ow how to develop that further without opening doors I would prefer to stay shut. As in spirits with less than good intentions. I don't want to attract negative things to me which has always been my fear. My aura has holes in it from emotional trauma, and addiction which I believe leave me very susceptible to negative energy. My mom always said I have a bright light around me that attracts those who are lost or are hurting. I'm a paramedic now and have always tried to be a light in the dark. How do I develop this further without leaving myself open to negative experiences? Thanks so much!!

Dear Kate,
   Many of my clients experienced profound spiritual gifts as children; only to shut them down for fear of ridicule by peers, embarrassment that others did not have the skills, or frustration/fear of the spirits that would torment and tease them.
   Over the past 7 years, guidance has taught me how to cleanse, heal, and defend myself; that knowledge is readily supplied to others so that their spiritual gifts can resurface and blossom. Once a person knows how to detect adverse energies and defend themselves, they are empowered to explore the spiritual world again.
   A colleague and I co-teach a non-credit course at a local community college for beginners and advanced practitioners called Spiritual First Aide. We start with the basics of learning how to communicate with the energetic soup around us using a pendulum or L-rod dowser, progress to crossing over deceased humans, cleaning auras/chakras, and many other skills....even exorcisms when the students are ready.
   Sometimes the best defense against negative experiences is a good offense.
   If you are interested, I published an ebook on Kindle Select this spring titled "Cleanse, Heal, & Defend: How to be a Spiritual Cleaner. The site has an app that allows the book to be downloaded onto any computer. People email me or use Skype to learn how to become spiritually proficient.
   I will work with your aura tonight to give it a quick tune-up since there are some holes and other problems. You have blockages to be released later as you learn how.
   The aura was spun dynamically, balanced, energetic grafts inserted around healing areas, energetic conduits inserted to release unwanted energies minimizing discomfort as you are healing, all chakras spun to 75% and aligned, holes in the aura sealed, green, yellow, and red energies infused, and the aura cocooned with golden energy and light for as long as the healing requires this presence.
   So, is there a spiritual presence in your grandmother's rings?
So much to ask, so much to learn,
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No one is an absolute expert on everything. I work as a spiritual cleaner to solve problems. I work directly with adults, although parents are welcome to send questions about their children. Many paranormal authorities have theories about possible paranormal resolution; actual practice and application is priceless to comprehend and complete paranormal issues.


Rapid recognition of paranormal problems are my specialty, having had many experiences with ghosts, demons, dark entities, dark angels, dark archangels, astral life-forms, aliens, and hauntings. Recognition of psychic gifts, help for psychic children, especially the crystal and indigo children are important to help them blossom. I have researched hundreds of paranormal situations and assisted private clients in freeing their home of energetic spiritual phenomena. Extreme hauntings or nonhuman presences are of special interest. Much of this work is accomplished using distance remote viewing with many skills to identify spiritual energies/entities. Through my website, your spiritual guidance in coordination with mine, will assist in the recognition/resolution of unwanted spirits, poltergeists, or demons, as well as correct geopathogenic lines, negative vortices, adverse energies, curses, or portals so the client can return home and continue their life free of fear or oppression. Most of my spiritual work as a medium is through the coordination with a client's spiritual guidance and the spiritual guidance that works with me, who help me understand possible solutions. There are many things that go bump in the night, some are easily explained away, others need more intuitive research and meditation. After thousands of human crossovers and hundreds of demonic exorcisms, expertise has been gleaned to tease apart challenging situations. Guidance helped me create a ten level dichotomy chart of dark and light energies to help discern what is being encountered. This has been quite helpful when finding what seemed to be minor cases masquerading as human, that were really demonic.

Cleanse, Heal, & Defend: How to be a Spiritual Cleaner is published on Kindle Select for download.

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