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QUESTION: I have been seeing things since I was little starting with my great great grandparents spirits when I was 3. Ever since I'd turned 13 I have been occasionally seeing shadow people around my house, feel odd emotions which don't feel like they're mine, and would hear my name being called. Generally I feel really threatened by them. The first time I had seen shadow figures was when I went onto the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. They looked like a person darker than any darkness I'd ever seen but they didn't feel threatening merely curious. I had also seen a spirit of a guy they call "Charlie" in what I can only describe as a work shop or machine shop on the ship. The shadows I see at my house typically look like the ones I saw on the ship though some I see detail in. One was just a black human shaped figure but it was crouched on the ground in a way I can only describe as "the grudge crawl" position. It seemed almost child-like and playful which is what freaked me out the most with that one. Another I saw was really tall. I can't tell it's exact hieght because it was hunched over in the hallway because it was too tall. It looked like it was wearing a trench coat and had red eyes. When it noticed I saw it the thing turned its head in my direction and it's eyes narrowed. Another I saw looked kind of like a picture I had seen of my great great grandpa when I was 9. It was about 5 feet tall give or take a few inches and was wearing what looked like what I thought was an old grayish pinstriped suit yet it was black so I don't know how I knew what color it should be. Here recently I've also had times where I would hear my name being called when I'm home alone and I had something touch my leg and open the bathroom door while I was home alone showering. I've also seen shadow figures with long arms scurry across doorways on all fours. Shortly after one of our dogs died I had also seen what looked like the dog come up beside me in the backyard while I was cleaning up wround where it was buried and walk beihnd me. I'm the only one that experiences things in my house. My sister would occasionally feel like something was there but she would never see or hear anything like I would and she brushes it off. I want to figure out what they want but I'm worried that if I try to communicate with them it would invite something dark.

ANSWER: Hi Caitlyn,

Thank you for writing and sharing your story.

It seems that you've had a problem with shadow people since early childhood. This indicates a problem in your life that has been with you for a very long time. Your interaction with the paranormal and "ghost hunting" has not helped.

Manifestations of different spirits in your home or elsewhere - human, animal and dark lifeforms - is just a way to vex and scare you away from the truth. You are dealing with one demonic entity that uses guises to distract you from its single inhuman identity.

This doesn't mean that you are helpless or doomed in any way, but you have to take control of your situation.

I suggest the following books that will help you get a handle on what's really happening to you:

1. Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce (protection)
2. When Pigs Move in - Don Dickerson (Basics of spiritual warfare)
3. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt (using your psychic gifts for God)
4. Demons in Disguise - Steve Wohlberg (paranormal tricks)

You have four issues to tackle:
1. Getting knowledge to be calm and effective in removing the entity
2. Getting a hold on you psychic gifts - control your use of it, help others with your gift and serve          the Light instead of seeking the unknown
3. Aborting contacts with paranormal situations - no looking for ghosts that don't exist.
4. Relying on God to help you - strengthen your personal relationship on a daily basis and use prayer.

You have to deal with this problem ASAP. The reading resources above will help immensely.

You have the power to do it. Believe in yourself and the Divine assistance you will get when you start to be proactive in moving towards the right directions.

Take care!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Don't get me wrong I do have an interest in the paranormal but when I had gone onto the USS Lexington I was just on a school field trip with my Junior ROTC flight. I wasn't trying to hunt ghosts. The battery from my phone and mp3 player were also drained there when I went there. At that point I was actually pretty scared of encountering anything paranormal, I was 14 or 15 at the time. I left out a few experiences I had because I wasnt sure how many characters I had left in my message. I've also seen a woman wearing a long white flowing dress outside the window to the room I sleep. I only see her from the neck down which I find odd because where she is I should be able to see the face. She looked as solid as you and I do which freaked me out because I almost thought someone had gotten into the backyard. I've seen her on five or six different occasions. I've also seen this wierd swirling ball of light before, it was a white light, almost like a lot of whisps of fog swirling in a softball sized floating and glowing ball. My grandmother said that the house has been blessed many many years ago so she believes nothing is here. My dogs also tend to randomly start barking and growling even when I don't see anything or hear anything but I sometimes attribute that to dogs having a much better sense of hearing and them possibly hearing a car go by outside. Also in the dining room we have one or two bulbs that will just go out. My family has a habit of just going "Alright pawpaw cash turn the lights back on" thinking it's my great grandpa whom died in this house letting us know he's here.


Read the books I suggested. You don't know what you're doing with your gifts. What you are trying to communicate with are demonic entities not ghosts. There are no ghosts just deceitful inhuman creatures showing themselves as anything you will tolerate and be fooled by. They will appear as deceased loved ones, or other projections.

Human souls are not stuck here. Don't buy into that. Thirteen years of paranormal work and personal experience removing demonic entities from client's homes is my foundation for telling you this. Things start out as "ghosts" and escalate into demonic infestation because an entity always shows its true nature.

Educate yourself to the true nature of good and evil by reading how to protect yourself.


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