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QUESTION: I can't explain what has happened to me at work.  I work from 2pm to 11pm by myself, no one does be around.  The first time I couldn't explain what happened I was in G.sub building on the 3rd floor mechanical room the A/C door to check filters was opened. The second time happened at 251 WEST SIDE ave at the facilities building where I stay most of my time. I went to use the bathroom and the water was on(handle needs to pulled up) to run water. I used the bathroom acted like nothing and left the building. Should I be worried? What should I do?

ANSWER: Hello Rishi,

Thank you for your patience waiting for my response.

There is some paranormal activity going on in the building. Other people know about it. It's been there a while. You did the right thing by not reacting, staying calm and leaving ASAP. This is what you should do every time unknown spiritual activity comes into your life.

There is no need or good to come from trying to engage or communicate with something that may be extremely dangerous or might follow you home. You are not here to help, comfort or commingle with spiritual entities. Your life must be your own without hindrance of any kind from what usually ends up being demonic activity.

I am not sure what your religious affiliation is but I usually suggest people read Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness by Chuck Pierce. Everything thing you read in that book pertains to all encounters with unknown paranormal events. Please don't be fooled into believing that you are dealing with a ghost. This is not really the case. Dark entities will portray themselves as humans, animals and other anomalous mists, lights, orbs, etc. to deceive and encourage interactions on a regular basis.

Whatever your background, have some protective methods (prayers, mental shields, angelic assistance requests, etc) that will get you past an encounter safely and that give you confidence and positive results. Of course the best method of protection comes from God or Jesus. Also try to avoid areas where paranormal activity is prevalent.

I hope this helps. Take care.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am happy I did the right thing but Where I work seems to be a haunted place because it's even in the papers. I work at night by My self, sometimes I might see students walking around on campus. That night plus every other night I say it in my mind and talk out aloud that no spirits have the right to follow me home. Your not allowed in my car.

.    Is that a good idea or bad idea?? I pray every night, and I have a glass full of salt under my bed. I use to burn sage candles to cleans the room.

Please reply and tell me what I'm doing is good or bad thank you alot for your first answer. It means alot to me..that I'm not going crazy


You are absolutely doing the right thing by praying. Ask for Archangel Michael to assist you in moving something negative away from you when you feel threatened.You can do this silently in your head or aloud. I like to do it quietly so the entrance of angels surprises the entity.

Of course, the best thing would be to get a job elsewhere and not expose yourself to this situation as much as possible. If you have any paranormal activity at home, you must address that immediately. Read the booK I suggested and draw closer to God with a personal (not neccesarily religious) relationship. You need Divine backup.


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