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I first saw the blue light when I was around eight years old. I lived in a house where from my bedroom you could see down the hallway and partially into the dining room.
One night I was having trouble sleeping. I turned over in my bed so I was facing the open door and noticed down the hallway there was a blue light coming from the dining room. I couldn't see what the source of the light was since it was in the part of the dining room that I couldn't see. It scared me badly so I rolled over and pulled the covers over my head. Strangely, although I was scared, I fell asleep seconds later.

The next time I saw the light was years later. I was 17 and living with my mother and grandmother in a different house. My room was upstairs and had a balcony that overlooked the stairs. Again it was at night and I was having trouble sleeping. I looked towards the balcony and I saw the same blue light coming from the stairs. Again I couldn't see the source. Again I was scared and again, once I rolled over away from the light, I nearly instantly fell asleep.

I am now 25 and living in a different house. A few nights ago again I was having trouble sleeping. My bed is beside a window. I rolled towards the window and saw the blue light. Again I could not see the source. Again it scared me and I rolled away from the window and, once again, I fell asleep almost instantly.

All three times the light has been the same color, doesn't move or pulse in any way or make any sound. I never see the source of the light and I always fall asleep nearly instantly after seeing it although it scares me badly.
I normally have trouble sleeping but have only seen this light these three times (that I remember). I have not had any deaths in the family recently and when there was a death (five years ago) I did not see the light. It has appeared in three different houses in the same city over a period of some years.

I would like your opinion on what you think this light could be.

Hello "H",

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. I do not believe that what you have experienced is actually paranormal phenomena. Others might give you an paranormal answer that you are being visited by an angel or guardian spirit, a Kundalini blue light experience and I suppose that these could be possible, but not as probable. I believe that there is a more rational explanation for the rare, recurrent episodes. I will base this on the fact that all of the episodes are occurring immediately prior to falling asleep. Normally I would say that you are experiencing a hypnagogic hallucination. But this hallucination is of the same thing suggesting to me that the hallucination may have a connection to activity in your temporal lobes. A common hallucination caused by a "hiccup" in normal temporal lobe activity is that of seeing light, often blue. This explains why it "follows" you. It is not an entity that you are dealing with, it is your brain, and that goes where you go.

  Is this something to be concerned with? If it were happening more frequently than it is I would suggest that you see a doctor. But three times in a life time, all under the same circumstances says that the event is to infrequent to be of concern, but you can always speak to your family MD about it, no harm, no foul. Anyway, approximately 95% of the population has or will have a temporal Lobe Epileptic experience in their lifetime. So I guess that one could say that it is a normal event. You have had three in a lifetime, more than most healthy people and should the events become more frequent, I would then take concern and play on the cautious side and see a doctor.

  As for the hypnagogic hallucinations, there are hardly a rare event at all, just misunderstood and misidentified as paranormal events, often due to not knowing what they actually are. There are those who regardless of their knowledge of the event, will ignore the obvious and prescribe a paranormal response. I can't do that, I have a responsibility to the questioner to be as honest and as knowledgeable as my expertise requires. In short, I have ethics, and that is more important to me, and more beneficial to those I help than all of the perfect ratings and prestige points on earth.

  If I were to give you a more paranormal explanation however, I would go with you having had had the opportunity to have a glance at your guardian, in a form that would not frighten you. Perhaps just to let you know that you are always watched over. We all have guardians and other astral beings from the white light and they are always with us.

  I hope that I have helped shed some light [no pun intended] on what has most likely been happening to you in the past. If I can be of any more assistance, or you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask - I'm here to help.

Warm regards,
Greg Pocha,
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