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Hello, Mr. Darwill.  

My name is Shelby, I'm twenty-two.  I don't want to start out by leaving you a giant book to read, but I feel like I need to tell you everything to get the most effective feedback.

We live on five acres worth of trees, with the two acres around the house cleared.  I was facing toward my house when I saw him in the trees.  Huge, lime-green, wide-open eyes.  When I made eye contact, he came up to me, crossed several hundred feet of space instantaneously, and stopped right in front of me.  He is a solid, black figure that is shaped like a very tall, very thin man, but the outline of his shape flickers like its on fire.  He stands taller than my six-foot-three brother, but also levitates maybe a foot from the ground.  

He stopped in front of me and smiled from ear to ear  (Think Joker but worse), and had serrated 'demon teeth'.  He didn't touch me, but he showed(?) me what he was going to do to my family and it gave me nightmares for months.  When I came back to he was gone.  
That was...five years ago?  I was still in high-school.

A few nights following, he paced the trees, but I made sure to be inside before dark where I knew it was still safe in my room.  I also made sure to have a dog with me at all times while I was home.  I started having these terrible nightmares, but I can't tell if it was just my fear or his influence.  

A week after, my brother and sister-in-law stayed with us for a weekend.  My parents don't believe in siprits/ghosts/demons, but they do so I told them.  They went out at night and challenged him.  He stayed hidden but I could feel that he was enraged like it was in the air, the ground, in everything.  I was insanely afraid of him.

He backed off while they were there, and stayed in the trees for several months, until the end of that year.  Afterwards, I felt him becoming more and more active but I never went out at night, so I never gave him the chance to confront me again.  

That summer I went to stay with my friend at her house, several towns and two counties over.  She and her mom were used to walking at night, so, thinking that he was a ghost and couldn't leave the property, I went ahead and left with them.  They live in the city, in a heavily populated neighborhood.  We walked two-three blocks that night.  While we were passing an alleyway with a powerline, I saw him under one of the structures, watching me.  Thats all I really remember from that night, but my friend was really freaked out the next morning and said that she saw him standing behind a fence on the way back to the house.  This was the first confirmation that I had that I was not crazy, or the only one seeing him.  My friend also pointed out that he seemed to be attached to me.

When I went home, he became very active.  He never came into the house (I think mom's faith protects it), but he hung out in the yard and stared at my window.  I was still having nightmares.  

I started dating a very religious guy two years ago.  I think he scared Green-Eyes away for a while because he was neck-deep in his religion, but eventually the boyfriend started to feel him in the yard.  Then HE went out and challenged Green-Eyes and tried to pray him off the property, which worked for the night, but as soon as he left Green-Eyes came back, worse than ever.  He still couldn't come into the house but he got as close as he could to it, and made sure I knew it.  

Green-Eyes started following me everywhere.  To my friend's house.  To the store.  He even followed us when we went to boyfriend's church, and stood in the yard across the street and watched.  

When we broke up, the property got a lot worse.  I started seeing all kinds of things in the trees, in the shop, and even in the house.  There was this heavy oppressive feeling in the opposite end of the house from my room, and it gradually moved up and up and up.  Recently its reached the spare bedroom, which feels black and angry when you walk inside.  

Green-Eyes was everywhere until I trained myself to stop being afraid of him.  My friend tells me to ignore him, and I listen to her because shes been a beacon for paranormal things since we were kids.  He's begun to appear less and less, though I still feel him very heavily at night.  

Recently my brother and sister-in-law moved in with us, and whatevers in the spare room has been chased away by their faith and it feels like, after forever, things have started to settle down.  I told my sister-in-law about whats happened, and she says that Green-Eyes was part of the devil, and that now that it knows it doesn't scare me anymore, the devils going to send something worse.  She tells me I need to bury myself in a bible, but I'm not religious, and I'd like to think that false faith is a lot worse than no faith.  

But while Green-Eyes has been behaving, I still feel him very strongly at times.  And theres something really dark thats in my dad's shop that feels almost like a sickness, and its a figure thats shaped very similar to the other.  

And I've seen something else at work, twice, another huge figure thats standing in the aisles and staring at me.  Things have been steadily becoming more active around me and its kind of freaking me out.  I don't know if I'm becoming more sensitive or if I seriously need to be concerned about it.  

And also, What are your thoughts on Green-Eyes?  I've explained my experiences with him to several people, and have gotten every thing from demon, to spirit, to incubus, wendigo, black dog and several others.  

Thank you for your time...I apologize if I've overwhelmed you with all of this.

Dear Shelby,

Thank you for your email.

Regarless of what this spirit or entity is it would be best if it and anything associated with it was no more.

In order to be of assitance I will need 2 things:

Please complete this short questionnaire (your paranormal experiences). This may be useful in dealing with this situation.

Secondly; I would require the coordinates/ exact locations of everywhere this Green eyed shadow figure and the other creatures have been sighted. If possible please provide photos of the outside (not inside) of all locations where it has been sighted. Including your home and the shop. Google maps would suffice.

Please send all information to



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