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Good day
Wanted to get your opinion on the follow view.
Intuitively, I feel that people who experience the negative effects of ghost and haunting(s) are experiencing retribution for the wrong acts they have done against others. For example lets say a person robbed, cheated, or harmed another and the person who was wronged happened to die and there was no retribution for the wrong done against the victim; it is highly likely that the ghost of the victim is likely to haunt the living individual who committed the acts of wrong.
Is this one plausible explanation of haunting(s). In the same way one who committed no wrong against others, is less likely or cannot be haunted.

Hello Sam,

Thank you for writing.

I don't know why you believe this view concerning the manifestation of ghosts and hauntings so I'll just tell you what I know of 15 years of paranormal research and as a Spirit Discernment intuitive.

It sounds like you are ascribing some sort of all inclusive and vengeful tie between negative human acts and spirits. I have never encountered such a scenario while doing my field work.

In fact, my experience has been that ghosts are projected guises for demonic activity meant to make you complacent, curious and sometimes more comfortable with an unknown spirit so you accept it around you. You are seeing innocuous human manifestations that are demonic driven and that project as old people, children and even dead relatives so you think you know what you're dealing with but its not the truth.

Bad paranormal experiences indicate bad demonic activities that have been going on with a person for a longer period of time.Escalation of negative activity is normal. These are real attachments by demonic forces that have a primary victim they harass, terrorize and break down mentally, emotionally and physically over time. The ultimate goal is to destroy a human.

There is a distinct difference between paranormal activity - earthly manifestations - and Supernatural manifestations which are Divine events. Paranormal situations indicate dark energies are around you.

What you see as retribution in your belief is really retribution against a human via destruction of the soul (mind,emotions and willpower). Demons are anti-God and they hate people because we are a heavenly creation.

I can tell you that the cases I handle to remove demonic entities are insidious and relentless where a victim is concerned. Demons will play "ghost" as well as show themselves as animals, light anomalies, black shadows, etc. Whatever will adversely affect you, they will use and abuse you with it incessantly.

Not everyone who is attacked is guilty of anything bad that they did to themselves or to someone else. There are demonic attachments due to lineal ties down a family tree, occult invitation, criminal activities, being in the wrong place at the wrong time with other bad people, previously demonized people transfers, etc. Even the best people may be attacked due to their good works.

Basically demonic attraction to someone is wholly based on personal vulnerabilities. Physical, mental and emotional problems can be an opportunity for entity exploitation. Occult work even if done for innocent curiosity is a flag that you are straying from a divine path. Everyone is scouted for weakness. Chinks in your armor are fair game.

That being said, the good news is that we do have a measure of angelic protection against demonic attack but it has limits and your behaviors and reactions can tip the balance in a demon deciding to enter your life permanently for the stages of Infestation, Oppression, Obsession and very rarely Possession.

I spent years working with what I thought were ghosts. I learned that scientifically there is no difference between Ghost activity and demonic activity. Ghosts are infestation and early Oppression stage antics. Oppression activities soon turn into shadow people (the real form of demonic energy), sleep problems, heavy duty movement of objects, lateral attacks on family members or friends, physical attacks such as touching, scratches, etc. Ghost cases always go into demonic attacks given enough time or the moment a human starts to succumb to paralyzing emotional fear and physical breakdown.

There are no quick formulas to paranormal activity. Assuming paranormal activity is mostly a ghost issue is completely erroneous. Can you believe an EVP? Would you expect an entity not to deceive you by showing itself as a dead person known or unknown in order to engage you with it while it worked energetically on your health, thoughts and behaviors?

This is not devil paranoia. It's watching progressions over time and repeated strategies by demonic agents on countless families and isolated clients. Soon EVPs show the real nature of what is in a home. These audio recordings are strange and murderous. Ghosts disappear from the case as an entity reveals itself.

There are books I can recommend. If you have an interest in spiritual warfare, I will send a list off to you.


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