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2 days ago my friends told me about this new game called "charlie charlie" and i played it , which they said it was fake but i don't know if that was the reason for what i'm going to tell you. like i said i played it and nothing has happen. now to let you i just bought an electric toy car for my new collection and i took the batteries of the remote control, and the next morning my whole family heard an object fall. when i went to check it was my electric toy car that fell from its shelf, just to let you know it was half a foot away from the edge. my family just thought it was the air conditioner which i did't think could be that because the car was a little heavy, any way later the same day it fell off again. then i was in the same room with the car and it seem to turn on by its self. the front light were on and saw that later with my own eyes that it moved. could this be something silly or something serious? thank you.

As a scientist and can tell you a hundred reasons why the car fell. As far as playing this game, what would make you do such a thing if there is a possibility to gate in a negative force? While I am a scientist, I also have a spiritual side as well. If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? We reap what we sow. Playing with things that are oracles is not a wise thing to do, real or not. Leave the spiritual stuff alone unless you have been trained to deal with it. Having said that, chances are the car fell due to a perfectly non paranormal reason.

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