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Is it true that all energy has to be balance in the universe and that even though we live in a society where the system does not always work fairly. That is some people get favors, others work harder than others for the same resources, some engage in crimes to get ahead and never get caught, some use political power to rob the masses etc...
Is there something as man's laws and higher laws of nature; in that man's laws could be broken but higher laws of nature are objective in that nature operates in a balancing manner - in that what we do comes back to us. Those who harm others, cheat others, and lie are assured that such energy shall befall then with time. On the other hand those who help others, contribute meaningfully of society are assured that such energy shall also return to them with time.
In other words what i am getting at is if nature operates in a manner in which the good and bad we do comes back to us.
Many times when I see bad things happen to others, I am tempted to think that nature must be bad. Is it that when we do wrong it comes back to us with time vs when we do good it also comes back to us.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your questions. As well it is always a pleasure to hear from someone as far away as Trinidad and Tobago! My answer will have to be based on science as we know it, namely physics and subjective opinion, as this is less of a paranormal question than it is a philosophical one.

  I will quickly cover the physics of energy, however I believe that by "energy" you are speaking more about Karmic energy, a type of universal governing essence that balances behavior during and after life.

  On a physical level, if Steven Hawking is correct the amount of negative energy in the universe counters the amount of positive energy in the universe so in technical terms the total amount of energy is zero! But that is theory and is also astrophysics. In any case due to the laws of thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. Quite a few "ghost hunters use this first law to explained that this is a reason that ghosts exist. However, the second law states that there is never an equal exchange of energy, some energy is always lost due to atrophy. This means that energy always goes from a higher to a lower state. Eventually due to the third law an equilibrium will be reached as suns die out over time leaving the universe a little above absolute zero - when all is "equal".
I do not think that this is what you are asking.

  If you want to know if bad people get a bad afterlife, and good people get a good afterlife, I can not honestly answer. I would have to be dead to discover that knowledge, and being is such a state I'd be in no position to give an answer. So let's consider the logic. Bad people who gain from their actions should be punished to keep thing equal, and the good who have suffered despite their virtue should be awarded. But good and bad, virtue and evil, growth and decay are all relative. They are subjective and prone to judgement.

  So is the final destiny determined by ones current or past lifestyle. This is what Hindus and Buddhists consider Karma. More biblically, you reap what you sow. More recently, "What goes around comes around."

  From what I have learned about the afterlife from research on Near Death Experience, there is a review of the deceased's life when he has entered the light. His guide stays with him and together one's life is reviewed in the smallest detail. Not only does the deceased see his whole life from his point of view, but also sees and feels it from the point of view of those of whom he has effected during earthly journey. The deceased "judges" himself... there is no "judgment", no tribunal. We have been placed on earth to learn and complete a part of a much larger picture.

  In the afterlife, there is no punishment as we would expect it... being tossed into Hell for an eternity of associating with our peers. With the exception of religious teachings, hell does not exist. There are however different levels of the spirit world, the lowest being pretty much like it is here on earth. The good would go to a higher level immediately whereas the bad would have to earn and work their way up the ladder.

  I supposed that on a philosophical level one could ask whether a balance is a good thing if the balance is between good and evil, right and wrong. I would much prefer it the way that those who have died and come back to speak of the life review and the realm in the light, the scales fully tipped toward unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness.

  In closing, energy is neither good or evil. It simply is.

  I hope that this has somehow helped. I am here if you need any more help with this issue.

Greg Pocha,
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