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So I work at a day care that uses walkie talkies to communicate between the teachers. For several months my walkie talkie would go to static when I picked it up. The static would last a few seconds and then stop. Recently, there was a day where I couldn't pick up any walkie talkie without them turning to static and staying static until I put them down. Even after getting out a new walkie talkie it would turn to static with me. I'm the only person this happens to at work. Is something paranormal happening or am I just strange?

Hi Michael,

I don't feel your problem is a paranormal one.

It could be a squawk problem which is easily adjusted on the Walkie Talkie where white noise can be controlled. It could also be your own energetic field. There is also a lot of environmental conditions that can affect walkies like weather, building interference, congested frequencies from other walkies in the area, etc.

Don't stress about it.

You're safe.


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