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I think i might attract ghosts...for example in my old house there was a little girl with a teddy in a white nightie that used to visit me in my dreams and she used to be there when i woke up then disappear.Things went missing and were discovered in wrong places.

In another house i felt increasingly uncomfortably hot like i was on fire and then a Stanley knife that i had sitting on the kitchen bench (normally used to open boxes) was found inside the kitchen cupboard. Now my new house my towel was folded and put in front of the shower where i never put it and no one has done these things to mess with me. Advice or Help?

Hi Natallie,

You have had paranormal events for a long time. You are being confused by what you're seeing but you have only one entity around you that shows itself as many things even in your dreams. This is purposeful and meant to keep you off balance. This spirit is not wholesome and it is not a ghost. I believe it came into your life through friends you knew that were involved in lighter occult activities.

Knowledge is your best defense so I suggest the following books:

Protecting your home from spiritual darkness - Chuck Pierce

Clean house, strong house - Kimberly Daniels

School of the supernatural - Ryan Wyatt (your spiritual gifts - intuitiveness)

Demons in disguise - Steve Wohlberg

These should help you to understand what you're dealing with and how to DISCERN what you're in the presence of during paranormal experiences. Discernment is the knowing of a spirit's true nature be it Paranormal or Supernatural. Don't buy into ghosts too much. Dark things use human forms to distract your attention away from attempts of infestation and oppression in your life.Paranormal events are worldly manifestations while Supernatural events are divine experiences (angels, Jesus, God).

You must now not focus on the spirit but upon the Divine to assist you break free of this entity. That comes through personal prayer, patience and perseverance. Do not engage with any paranormal phenomena until you read and understand how to engage it properly. You are being duped and you have to fight back a bit in the right way.

Avoid fear. It paralyzes you.The truth is you have a Divine army behind you but you have to start asking for that help. It will step in to assist you if you're sincere and willing to believe in it.

Hope this helps.


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