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QUESTION: I have had numerous experiences of reptile like creatures running across my bed while I sleep. In the past I have been bitten by them. However, a few nights ago I saw its form which is shadow like and reptile like. I feel fearful when they are around. I have tried to research any type of documentation or testimony of what these things are. I have dealt with many experiences of many different natures and I am convinced I am haunted by demons. They seem to thrive on my fear or when I feel insecure. I need to get rid of them for good. I however need to know what they are. I have never seen their faces as they seem to live in the darkness. They disappear in the light and they seem to be very drawn to me. I hope u can give me some insight.

ANSWER: Hello Dawn,

Thank you for writing.

You are dealing with demonic activity and what you see is the work of a single entity no matter how many guises it may be presenting itself as. That trick is used to confuse, overwhelm and frighten you. In fact, all paranormal activity you may experience where you live is a single presence that can show itself any way it likes from human spirits, animal spirits to monsters. It's true self is a shadow which you have recently encountered.

You have had this entity for a long time, about 7 years of infestation (entry time). You are now in Oppression stage where personal attacks and mental or emotional energies are being projected at you to winnow you down bit by bit. Engaging with it in the past has been a big factor in its attraction to you so that must come to a halt immediately.

It doesn't matter what it wants or why its there. It is relentless, destructive, invasive and malevolent so all its activities are not going to be good. You must rally now away from trying to analyze it into getting rid of it. This is spiritual warfare and you're the enemy to it. You need to flip this battle around by studying how to overcome it and removing it. No more thinking about the dark. You need to think about Light.

You have Divine allies waiting to step in and help you. Time to call Heaven into this. It takes Supernatural power (God) to defeat Paranormal power (demon).This is where your faith comes into play through prayers, hope and a really close personal relationship with God on a daily basis. This isn't a religious moment. It's a soul moment where you have to mentally declare your commitment to free yourself from demonic attack and to never give that commitment up. Angels, God and Jesus will step forward if you are willing to turn to them.

I don't know what your religious foundation is and I don't want to step on your toes about your spiritual beliefs. I can say that no matter your position yesterday, you can always move in another direction today. Being Christian would help you immensely to begin with so you can build on your faith and strengthen it as you get help now. If you are not Christian, the same direction change applies. Divine doors are never locked. The doors may look closed but all you have to do is knock.

I suggest the following books if you want to get a better handle on this:

Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman

This should get you started. Don't get discouraged. You can be free of this. If you need more info, you can talk to me off this board. Let me know and I will give you directions on how to do that.


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QUESTION: how do I contact u privately? Your insight has made me feel like I am not crazy.My mother believes I have this demon attached to me and my husband just wants to protect me. However, I believe that even with my faith it will always be a bother. I would love to be rid of this entity for good. But I believe where there is good there is evil. This entity has been with me for a long time and now it is manifesting itself in a waking state. It will not tell me its name, but I will not stop trying. I do need help but I do not believe it will be easy. I believe in God and I believe in the spirit of Jesus Christ. my prayers make it go away but it always comes back. I don't know why it has chosen me, but I wont give up in getting rid of it. If you can help me that would be a blessing in itself.  I look forward to your guidance. Thank You


You can contact me off board at one of my websites: There is a contact page listed on the first page of my website (left side). Go to the CONTACT page and use either the direct email link or phone me. I will get back to ASAP. This is a holiday weekend and I will be in and out but that's okay.

Don't give up.


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