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Paranormal Phenomena/Follow up from September of 2014


QUESTION: Hi Christine:  Last year in September, I wrote to you in a panic about experiences that were happening in my house and that my older son and daughter were seeing a black figure in their rooms, etc.  I just want to follow up with you for a recheck if you will.  You intuited that there was something inhuman co habitating with us for many years, you suggested a silent agreement was made because we did not get rid of it early on, simply because we didn't know if it was something dangerous.  You recommended books and told me to take a stand.  I have.  I began smudging weekly initially,  using salt, holy water and prayer.   I now do it every other month or so. I learned about light shields and protection and using the help of St. Michael and the Archangels for assistance.  We have permanently covered all mirrors that were facing each other just in case.   I got the books you mentioned, but I am not the most religious and I had a little trouble relating to some of the content.  But I got the gist of it.  I feel stronger, happier and dare I say that I have effectively dealt with the situation.  I honestly feel that what ever was here is gone, but I am not positive.  I'd like to know if you sense that I have dealt with this effectively and its gone or it is waiting to come back.   I reapply salt every so often in the perimeter of our property, sage and salt every other month or so, and I pray almost nightly for help and assistance from god.  So what do you think?  Have I done enough? Should I keep doing what I am doing just in case?  Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hi Joan,

Thanks for the good news update.

You are free. The entity was removed by Divine Intervention a few weeks ago. Your hard work has paid off. Always remember that your religion is being a Christian and that gives you a leg up on fighting demonic problems. It's not how much you go to church, it's about your personal daily relationship with God/Jesus that works in your life.

It is crucial that you continue your vigilant prayers for protection and if you experience any paranormal activity anywhere, take immediate action to remove yourself from the area (outside your home) or revoke an entities right to be with you (inside your home). Call on Micheal to remove it and pray to God and Jesus to buffer you and your family.

This entity has been destroyed but scouting by others due to your past issues may happen on an off. They pop in but can't stay  and do not infest you unless you do something terribly wrong to show an interest in communicating with it or welcoming it. Just be attuned to your environments. Cultivate your gifts of discernment that God gave you to feel when something is wrong in you gut as well as by what paranormal things might crop up.

I would recommend a good book about how to heighten your awareness that is God's way of tapping into your innate Supernatural gifts (Divine) instead of Paranormal gifts (low energy based psychic work).
Psychic methods attract negative entities because you can be fooled into believing in guides, ascended masters and a whole slew of weird spirit characters that may be demonic guises.

You want to work with God directly through His will for you. You don't want to be psychic, you want to be discerning. There's a difference. You want to be able to know the truth of people and situations so you know when to call on a Higher power to protect you.

The book is The School of the Supernatural by Ryan Wyatt. Also get Online and read about discernment.

Keep up the good work and strengthen your faith. It's already worked for you in this case.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Christine. I can't tell you how helpful this has been.   I am happy that help is available here because so many people have issues like this and they simply do not know what to do or where to get help and its not a subject easily broached with friends and family who think you may be crazy!!    Thank you again.  Your assistance is invaluable.


You are welcome.

Now that you know how this works, you can be someone to help others. You might be surprised how people start talking to you about paranormal activity that scares them. God works on a trickle down process. At least you could describe your experiences and how you solved it.

In the end, you saved yourself and family because you courageously took a leap of faith and believed me (a stranger). You LISTENED and acted and kept at it. You moved towards God/Jesus, too. It takes work, hope and belief to make a victory against dark entities.


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