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Paranormal Phenomena/What is the manticore and why is its image used in these contexts?


I was just browsing youtube music videos when I stumbled upon a very creepy rock song called " Manticore"(didn't listen to it for more then a few seconds because its verses were way too crazy) I also realized this mythological creature was featured in " Torchlight II" videogame as the second act's boss. Its image is featured on the main menu screen more often than any other...I also remembered watching a movie with the same title a few years ago. Could this all be just coincidence or do they(music industry people, game company owners, etc.) know more than they tell/show us about such supernatural topics? Is the Manticore actually some kind of demon that does exist or just a mythological creature?

Hello Bill,

The manticore is not a demon. It is a mythical monster of Persian mythology. The manticore had no historical association with the bible or Christian theology.

I  suppose a biblical demon ( Legion ) could show itself as manticore but that's the only connection between a demon and this fabled monster. Check out Wikipedia for more history.


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