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Hi, the reason I'm asking this question today is because I had a sit down with my Sister in-law and she told me about her husbands problem he's been having since he was younger.
Now, I've been studying this stuff since I was only fourteen, but I can't understand this one. I want to help, but I can't if I don't understand it.
He has said he has something following him, eight of them, actually. My sister in law says when she touches him, she can see a black cloak and chains. IN his family, six people have died since admitting this.
What does this mean? What could it possibly be?
My Sister in-law told me it goes away when she's touching him.
If you can't help me with this, that's alright, I appreciate it.

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for contacting me.

There are not eight things following him. There is one entity showing itself in different guises in order to create chaos and confusion in his life. It is very scary to believe that you are being stalked by numerous unwanted things and that's the purpose of this ruse.

There is definitely a lineal (family bloodline)to his problems.  I believe it comes from his mother's side and goes back to the grandparents. Occult gateways may have been the reason that the entity is bothering him and attacking others along that branch of the family tree.

Be aware that even lateral family members not related by a bloodline can also be harmed to vex a primary victim in order to cause grief, despair and frustration. He is dealing with a demonic problem. Also be aware that some deaths may be non-demonic events but natural events due to the situations in their lives. It's hard to untangle demonic activity unless you understand how they work.

On the positive side, all of you have Divine protection to a certain extent as well. You are not left without options to fight the problem. How you fare depends on your commitment to get rid of the entity and your ability to shift your focus away from the demon and move towards God/Jesus and angels in order to get even better protection.

I don't know what the family belief is regarding a religious foundation for his daily life, but it's essential to fight a demonic oppression with Divine power. You can't withstand endless defeats without a Divine army behind you. He must begin (if if he hasn't) prayers for protection, forgiveness, Divine intervention and fearless persistence to rout this entity out.

At this point I want to say clearly that this battle is not about religion but his soul. Going to God for help is not about your church attendance, it's about beginning a personal daily relationship with God. Distance from God plays a big role in the attractiveness of somebody to a demon. You are spiritually vulnerable this way. If he has an okay relationship with God then he needs to step it up several notches in order to start feeling empowered.

Mentally and emotionally, he must buck up his willpower and lower his fear. Fear paralyses. Have faith that you reached out to me for a reason. God pushed you Jennifer in the right direction.

I suggest some books for him to read if possible. Knowledge is power. I do think that there is some misapplied psychic work going on in the family so I am also going to recommend a book about how to properly use the gifts GOD gave you which are meant to be used only in His service to help others. Work for the Light not indiscriminate spirits. You don't have enough discernment yet to realize what you're really dealing with. It will really help everyone's courage and determination.

How to Protect Yourself From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

Unbroken Curses - Rebecca Brown

When Pigs Move in - Don Dickerman

School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt

Should anyone want to reach me directly let me know and I will send along info to do so.

I hope this helps.


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