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a few years back in a moment of very deep personal pain I lay on my bed during the early afternoon and ask God "Why no one loved me" I asked as I cried, tears rolled down my face.

Just after I asked the question a bright light appeared in front of me. Two things where happening at the same time. I felt as if I was surround by warm water ( almost as if I was in a womb) and as my eyes opened and looked toward this incredible light that radiated nothing but love and light ( no heat but, I felt the warmth of love penetrate me). My eyes came close to the surface of this water but never broke the surface ( I was like looking at the light from the under surface of the moving body of water).

The light seemed to be a "being" but I could not tell, as it had no form other than the light. It looked at me, penetrated me and I felt unconditional love pour in, through and around me from this light. I also felt as if I was a void vessel that was being filled with a soft gentle energy. Like a child void of all thought and experience before birth.

I reached toward it and I would have gone with it but without words being spoken I was being told "I would be ok and that it was not my time to be taken" The light also seemed to know everything about me. Everything I had done and experienced it the light was OK with all that I was. There was nothing hidden.

As this happened I felt a touch of a hand or finger on my forehead and as I cried and looked toward the light the finger drew a line from my forehead to the top crown of my head.
Gentle the light left as softly as it had appeared but I had the feeling of that touch for weeks afterwards and the sound of music in the background of my thoughts for days.
I felt an incredible peace during this experience and still do today but I can not make sense of all or parts of this.

I was wide awake during this experience and I expect it lasted as long as 15-20 min.
I've shorted this a bit to be under the word count.

Hi Jeff,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with the account of your story and questions. It is nice to hear from a fellow Albertan after spending a week driving about the B.C. coast and interior; and thus my tardiness in answering.

  From the information that you have related I can fairly safely say that you had an encounter with your spirit guide. We all have one and they are with us wherever and when ever, but they stay in the background most of the time so the majority of us are unaware of their presence. They generally do not interfere with our daily activities as this seems to be against their modus operandi. However they have made themselves known in times of danger or crisis. This is the reason behind what occurred with you. [They also make themselves known on a regular basis to true mediums].

  I need to clarify that what you considered an awake state was more likely a state of trance with awareness. You were in a dissociative state, which is nothing abnormal or anything to fear. We all go into brief dissociative states several times a day. What made this one special was the depth of your trance allowing your spirit guide to make contact.

  Much of what you experienced was very much like reported events that occur during Near Death Experiences[NDE] as well as what are know as Shared Death Experiences [SDE]. Seeing the light is common in NDE and SDE. The changing of the surrounding atmosphere to a watery environment is common to SDE, where people describe the surroundings as becoming dissolved, wavy, translucent/transparent or in short being in a room with walls made of water.

  Describing a spirit guide as being a body of light is very common as well. Only seldom will they take on a more "human" appearance. The feelings that one gets when encountering such a being is as you say, warmth, unconditional love and forgiveness and a penetrating compassion. They bring and leave behind a lasting feeling of peace. This is because they know no other way - they ARE all of the above, it is their being, their essence.

  The touch on your forehead to the top of the head must have a deeper meaning that at this time I can not imagine. Your guide made a line, or connection from your third eye chakra [seat of the psychic] to the crown chakra [seat of spiritual consciousness]. Perhaps he was telling you that you were having a psychic/consciousness connection. In theory, he already knew you would question this whole event, would write for answers and would get them.

  Accounts of meeting with a spirit guide are of course subjective and personal. They are also imposable to prove, circumstantial and rarely repeatable so naturally mainstream science derides them. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY DON"T EXIST - black holes and quarks, at this time are just math and theory. So it is not important what Joe PhD or cynics think. What is important is that you had a wonderful experience when you most needed it and that it had, and has a lingering positive effect on you, as it was meant to be. Hold it dear as it may have been a one time occurrence.  Even so, your guide is always with you and has been since before your birth and will continue to be there after your body creases to live and you meet again in the light. Know that whenever you are at your lowest, your guide is beside you. As well, besides of him you also have guardians and a gatekeeper [astral "body guard} with you - you are never alone and you are always loved.

  I hope that I have helped shed some light on the event that you lived. Remember it and know that your astral family is there - that was your lesson. If I can help in any other way or you have more concerns, you know where to reach me.

Warmest regards,
Greg Pocha,
Paranormal Phenomena,
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