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First, my back story. When I was much younger in my early teens I had had several unexplained experiences that at the time I didn't understand; and no, I wasn't using drugs. A couple of these experiences included what I later discovered were remote viewing of future events. As well as numerous other events. I eventually stopped paying attention to these events due to getting older marrying and raising a family. Recently, I've seen a few things that may be ETV's (UFO's) and have had an unexplained urge to meditate and research astral projection. But haven't done so yet.

I've always had a strong interest in space related things. When I was twelve a drew a nearly exact image of the current international space station. That was 40 years ago. I've followed SpaceX' advancements and foresaw the two failed landing attempts, which I saw internally as an issue with propulsion, caused by software acting as a gyroscope controlling the thrust hectoring. The other morning before the Falcon 9 explosion, I told my wife they shouldn't go today, although I didn't know why. I am not a scientist so definitely not a rocket scientist.

Lately, I've been getting a feeling of unknown, that feels like a major event or events, I can't tell if it is ominous, informational, or controlling. It doesn't seem joyful. But as I said, it is an unknown feeling. It's as though I can see it, but am blind as to what it is.

Last night while sleeping, not certain what time, I distinctly heard three very clear tolls of a bell. These were not high pitched like a hand bell, nor were they deep like a church bell. The tone was not unpleasant or harsh. They seemed to be about one or two seconds apart.

My question is, what are these bells indicating?

Thank you for answering.


Hello K,

  Thank you for writing All Experts regarding your inquiry about the bells that you heard. Also thank you so much for using an initial instead of a name as that allows me to address you while you while keeping your anonymity. You have likely noticed by now that I am not the expert that you had originally directed your question to. For what ever reason he or she was unable to answer it so I will be the one to respond.

  May I correct you on the usage of the term "remote viewing" as used in your context. In a way you are seeing remotely, but in parapsychological terms remote viewing is used to see current conditions, not future ones. The practice was used in the military with some results, but as far as I know [who knows all the secrets] has been discarded as a waste of time and money. The term that you want is precognition [pre - before + cognition - receiving knowledge via use of the senses... in your case the 6th sense] In normal usage the term may also indicate knowledge learned through intuition.

  Usually and traditionally bells are used to ring in weddings or to ward off evil spirits and entities when applied to a funeral. Obviously there are more reasons for bell ringing than I could list here. From a medical point of view hearing bells can indicate an epileptic seizure, temporal lobe epilepsy, or a psychosis... none of any of the latter apply to you, but I usually present all reasons for phenomena, not just the "paranormal" ones.

  The toll of a bell three times usually indicates the death of a child. Not an impending death, but the actual passing of a child. If the odd feelings that you could not put a finger to preceded the tolls, you may now have the cause of those feelings; the precognition of an impending death of a child. The child passed and the tolls were heard. That all however is just an assumption on my part.

  Well K, I certainly  hope that I shed some light on this issue for you. Seeing the future... gift or curse... I don't know. I guess it all depends on ones point of view and comfort level. Incidentally, on my web site at <>  there is a resource link page. One site listed on that page is the Worldwide Prediction Registry. To save you the time I will put their direct link following, you might find it interesting.
You may find more links of interest at the EPC resource page at

Take care!
Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigations,
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta

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