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Hello i was taking a picture of my tattoo on my back last night with my phone camera, i took a few pictures on after the other, but when i put them on my computer this came up it was taken at 00.21hrs and another taken at the same time well seconds after i didnt even realise that the flash didnot come on, i have put the picture to negative so it can be seen a bit better and the original one, can you help as i dont know what it can be.


Dear Joanne,

Thank you for your question.

Would you kindly let me know exactly rhe position of how this image was taken.  Is this a picture of your back or of the room that you were in. I ask as there is an image of a man with a moustache which is very clear in the negative photo. I can outline this image if you like. This image does not feel bad. Some may say it may be a camera glitch but the face is quite clear.

If this is an image of the room then I would research the history of the house if possible.


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