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I think i might attract ghosts/spirits...for example in my old house there was a little girl with a teddy in a white nightie that used to visit me in my dreams and she used to be there when i woke up then disappear.Things went missing and were discovered in wrong places.

In another house i felt increasingly uncomfortably hot like i was on fire then while i was asleep i frlt a pressure on my leg/s and then a Stanley knife that i had sitting on the kitchen bench (normally used to open boxes) was found inside the kitchen cupboard. Now my new house my towel was folded and put in front of the shower where i never put it and no one has done these things to mess with me and on top of that i feel like I'm being watched. Please! Advice or Help?

Hi Natalie, thanks for your question! I am SO sorry to hear that you are going through this. Been there, done that. It's not fun. Normally poltergeist activity does not follow the homeowner as it is generally a location haunting. Permanently attached you might say. I believe it may be centered to you. I was going to ask where you are but then I saw Australia, and that pretty much blocks me from working on the house unless you happen to be independently wealthy and can fly me from the east coast of America, lol. Do not despair though. :) I have a friend in at LEAST your country. :) She is a very trusted friend and powerful woman of God. I am going to give you her name and if you will email me I will connect you two. The house needs a cleansing as well as a blessing but I would also like for you to have some ministry to see if there are any agents working around you, through you, etc that are bringing these spirits in. These attracting spirits work covertly through our conciousness. In other words you are not aware of their presence.

My email is and the lady's name is Tahnja Wolter if I spelled her first name right. I will advise and consult with her throughout regarding this matter from Stateside.

Thank you for contacting me and we will get you the help you need!:)

God bless!  

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To be intellectually honest, there are no experts in this field of study. You cannot have an expert in such a subjective field as this. There is no litmus test to prove ones knowledge. With that being said, I can draw off my experience and study to answer questions that pertain to demonology, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, residual haunting, intelligent haunting, etc. Any answers that I do not know, which, none of us know ALL the answers, I will be glad to use my resources to find you the answer you are looking for.


My experience with the paranormal dates back to my childhood. The homes where my grandparents and great grandparents lived underwent much paranormal phenomena. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity and eventually study. In 2008 after having first hand encounters at my home, I decided to begin my own investigations group. We later merged with G.R.A.S.P. which is now being compared to that of T.A.P.S. or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I have since founded a Christian based ministry dedicated to helping those who are experiencing negative phenomena.

G.R.A.S.P. (Greater Research of Apparitional Sightings and the Paranormal)* Fear Not Ministries, Founder *The opinions and advice expressed by myself is not necessarily shared or endorsed by GRASP.

I have taken several courses although there is no particular accreditation recognized in this field of study at the present time.

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