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When I was a little kid my mother used to tell me that my imagination was very advanced. I would have ten to twenty imaginary friends but when I got older I started to ignore them like any child would.
Life went on and nothing really strange was going on until my mom passed away. It destroyed me and the imaginary friends came back.
I ignored them obviously thinking that I am just in a weak state right now and when I am mentally ready again they will go away.
Strange enough it's been seven years and they still have not left.
My girlfriend and I live together and when I say something about them we can hear talking in the apartment.
Which would be normal but it is usually the minute I wake up after a nightmare.
I don't see my mom or anything. Mostly just blurs of different colors.
There was one time in which I was with her in the middle of nowhere camping and I started to hear talking again.
We were in the middle of the desert with nobody else around so I knew that it had to be me.
She could hear it as well and started to freak out.

This is not that often unless I talk about it. I still see stuff but it goes away after a few minutes.

Can you give me any advice on what this is? If anything?

Hello M,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your questions. Please excuse the tardiness of this reply, but I was on a long distance investigation when your question came in. The first item that I am going to cover is the last, the desert event. I am going to rule this out as a normal event and as you say, a coincidence. Your statement that you were "alone" in the desert is in fact an assumption. You may have been miles from people, or other source of sound. If the conditions are right, sound can travel for miles in desert conditions and open areas. Therefore it is likely that the voices that you heard came from a normal, but distant source. You were only aware of being "alone" in the sense that you passed nobody on the way to your camping spot. But having stopped, you have no idea of what or who was with-in hear shot further down or around, and as I said, even miles from your spot so I will dismiss that event as paranormal.

  So that brings us back to you hearing voices, and the source, be it normal, psychological or paranormal. It looks as if a lot of the occurrences are happening at your apartment, and that the majority of those are happening when you are in the throes of either falling asleep or waking up. If this is the case, you may be prone to hypnopompic [upon falling asleep] and hypnagogic [upon waking] hallucinations. Most common of these hallucinations are voices and visual phenomena, not unlike the blurry colors that you describe. These types of hallucinations are not uncommon and happen to all of us at one time or another. However your indicate a sleep disorder due to the frequency and I would have that looked at. If the hallucinations occur during the day, then they may be sign of narcolepsy. I feel that much of it is stress related, and of course not knowing what is happening to you only adds to the stress. Vicious circle once your in it. It might be worth getting a medical opinion and a check up to be on the safe side as this may be symptomatic of a larger problem.

  The voices may be due to your being born with psychic abilities and thus your invisible friends that you outgrew. Many children, it is assumed and semi-proven, are more psychic in ability than adults. But children as a rule do not have the responsibilities of adult life and as they age these abilities get put on the back burner, or in other words a type of psychic atrophy. However it is not uncommon for a tragic event such as the passing of a close loved one to jolt those dormant abilities back into action. That in no means indicates that it is your mother's presence that is responsible for the occurrences, but rather your reawakening to your former self. That, M, is the parapsychological / psychical explanation.

  Finally there may be a psychological cause for the auditory phenomena, again along the lines of hallucination.  If you had a traumatic event that occurred in your childhood you may have coped with that [those] events{s} by developing a dissociative identity. The disorder can lay in the background subconsciously for years, decades or forever until an event triggers it back to the forefront. M, I am only saying this for your information as it is my ethical responsibility to cover all of the possible factors when I answer. I do not think that the above applies to you, but others reading this reply may find the information useful if they are experiencing similar events.

  You may ask then as to why your girlfriend can also hear them if they are in your head. 1- You do mention that you live in an apartment building and yes, it may very likely be that the sounds that you are both hearing are a coincidence. Sound carries through vents, walls, open windows, etc. Another explanation could be something called folie deux, but this would indicate a shared psychosis and I highly doubt if this is the case - as the condition is extremely rare. However, suggestibility can not be totally ruled out.

  As in all things "paranormal" there are many facets that have rational explanations  and sometimes the rational can be mysterious, but mystery in itself is not an indication of the paranormal. First of all, make certain that you are physically healthy and work on methods to reduce your stress and improve your sleep. If all checks out okay, you will need to see if someone can help, and usually that someone can be found in a spiritualist church or the spiritualist community, who can help you with controlling and working with your ability. You may find the info you need under the 'Miscellaneous and General Information" heading on the following page,

  M, I hope that I have in some way helped you find some answers and have helped with your situation. As always, if you need more help you can always contact me and I'll do my best to assist.

Take care,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation [EPC],
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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