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Hi Adam,
First of all Im so glad I came across this site. Im a born again believer and was so glad to see your faith in Christ. Amen!!!
Anyway heres my question. Im a caregiver to a elderly 90 year old wonan. For the last year she has been seeing spirits, a man, young girl, young boy , a lady holdng a quilt among others. She doesnt sleep well at night. She lives in a old hospital that has been made into apts. In the basement is where a surgical room, the morge and boiler was. First what causes elderly to experience these things? Im assuming they are demons just being a nuisance am I correct?  By the way other people in the building have seen and heard them. How should I pray based on scripture so they wont bother her and will she start to see good angels as her time gets closer to death if shes a believer?  
Thank you very much and Gids Blessings

Hi Cindy!

God bless you in the role of employment you have chosen. That is truly a calling. We just had to admit my elderly grandmother into the nursing home at least temporarily. She is 96. It's pretty open though. We can sign her out from about 8 AM til about midnight so if we picked her up everyday literally she'd just be spending the night. But of course we can't do that.

Anywho, let's talk about your patient. I am not positive that they are all demons. I believe most if not all "ghosts" are really demons but I think there is such a thing as a "time imprint". Like someone's energy being burned into the atmosphere like an effigy. That can be seen in certain circumstances and or when certain environmental factors are present. I also heard of a experience wherein an investigator looked down the hallway of a old train station (shut down and no longer in use in years) and saw a conductor leaning down to take a drink of water.

They realized they were looking at an apparition. Here is the interesting thing. The water fountain was there prior to it's shutdown but it was just the pipes coming up for it at that time. NOW, what makes that interesting is he saw the water fountain. Now you could argue that the ghost was a soul, disembodied spirit or a demon. Yet, a water fountain is a MECHANICAL DEVICE. It doesn't have a spirit, a soul or anything like that. Yet the person saw it.

That makes me rethink EVERYTHING in regards to that. Since he could positively see a discernible metal object that this "spirit" lent down to drink out of, maybe he was not seeing a ghost after all. Or even a demon.

Have you ever heard of zero point energy or time? Where we think of time in a linear construct, the reason God can be everywhere at once is because it's not really linear. Think of a plane where there is multiple times happening simultaneously. And those past and future times according to our understanding anyway, are separated SOMEHOW from the other timelines. But sometimes that barrier or that veil gets thinner thus every once in a while if you are looking at the right place at the right time, you may see a "bleed in" from another timeline.

I know that is very "techy" but I hope it makes a LITTLE sense.

NOW, how does that have anything to do with your client? It may be that there is a combination of things happening. Out of everything she is seeing, you could have a past timeline bleeding in (good luck explaining that of course, lol), you could have times memory of an individual that left a signature on that particular part of time and space, you may have demons. If there was a lot of confusion, sorrow, etc. in that hospital than I would say that the likelihood of it being a demon(s) are greater.

Does it scare her? Or is it just annoying to her? It may also be that as she is closer to death, the veil between the worlds is thinning in her mind/eyes. As well, we are entering a time where these things are going to be having more reign or freedom to operate.

I would definitely pray Psalms 91 over her. I might anoint her room. Anoint under her pillow. Anoint her if she will let you. Invite the Holy Spirit and His Angels into the room each night. Command any evil spirit to go in Christ's Name. Also, you might quote the words from the 119th Psalm. This is the Hebrew alphabet. Powerful. Especially against the enemy.

Pray her third eye be closed as you anoint her.

One of those things SHOULD give her some relief. Definitely each night invite the angels to fill the room and the Holy Spirit to abide in the room too! :)

God bless and I hope that helps at least a little bit! :D  

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