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We moved into our house in April of 2015 , in December of 2014 a man hung himself in one of the bedrooms , my five year old daughter is now having really bad nightmares and I have seen a black smokey mist a few times in different rooms . I have also been staying sick and really weak , I can't sleep and I've noticed that my moods have been really negative lately and they change from bad to worse for absolutely no reason , I don't feel like me when I'm in the house and my daughter has had strange bruises on her and I have no idea how she gets them ... i'm getting scared and I don't know what to do can you please help us ?

Hi B,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your unfortunate dilemma. The situation is not impossible to remedy, but it will take some effort and time.

  The home is full of negative energy, which in part may have contributed to the man making his last decision, to end his life. Of course, mental and emotional factors were likely the largest contributors. Those negative states of being became and are part and parcel of the atmosphere of the house. The home absorbs these energies; in parapsychology this is referred to as the "stone tape theory". The home may have held negative energy from before as well and the main contributing factor was the suicide in the bedroom. There are some places that people refer to as being negative despite the owners attempt to make the atmosphere homey, happy and comfortable. I think that everyone has encountered a place where the general atmosphere just wasn't pleasant. A person with TRUE psychic abilities would probably gag from the energy in your home.

  Some people in the field of paranormal or psychical research have theorized that when enough negative energy is concentrated in one location that it can manifest into a conscious entity. And they would explain to you that the black mist that you have witnessed is such a being. Personally I am not overly fond of this theory, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some validity to it. In my opinion the mist that you see is the victim of suicide himself. When a person passes he [or she] exists in the afterlife as their self, that is, unless they go into the light their mental state doesn't change, their feelings and personality do not change. They remain who they were and what they were. His dark, depressed and abnormal psychological state is still a part of him and if he has remained behind, it is now part of the fabric of the house. And hanging has to be among the most desperate ways of ending ones life. If not done correctly it can be a long, torturous and agonizing death. Of course that contributes to the atmosphere of the home. It is not uncommon for suicides to shy away from the light because once dead they realize that consciousness exists as an after life. They see the light and feel, "Oh hell - judgment! And that means oh! Hell!" It is true that the spirits are disappointed when one ends their own life, but they do not judge and their is no such place as hell. The problem is that the ghost doesn't know it!

  It is sad that your small child has to go through the nightmares that she is subject to. Even if you yourself never mentioned anything to her about the death, the chances are good that she heard about it from someone; something like a suicide in the neighborhood remains a topic for some time. Children, in their innocence and naivety will tend to blow the event out of proportion. So when you add the negative energy, which at her age she is more responsive to, and the psychological trauma that her mind is going through, it is small wonder that she is getting any sleep at all.

  So the bottom line is that you have a mentally disturbed ghost residing or hiding in a house already thick with negative energy. You need a cleansing of the home a.s.a.p. I could give you instruction on how you could attempt this yourself, and I often give some that information, but for you that would be a last ditch effort. I highly suggest that you get professional help from someone experienced in cleansing and "blessing" a home and have them come in. I must warn you, the person should NOT use anything at all "religious" in the ceremony unless you can find out if the suicide was religious himself and of what faith. Chances are that even if he were religious at one time, the fact that he committed suicide suggests that he gave up totally 100% in his faith and throwing God or Christ in his face may , and often does in similar cases, make the situation, energy and haunting worse. Keeping things secular is the best way to go. So that also means that having a priest or other religious figure in to bless the home will only have a temporary effect resulting in the matter made worse. Holy water, crosses, and other icons of faith have a similar effect. The general rule is 1- cleanse the home and rescue the ghost [this may take two attempts], then a while later when all is certain that the ghost and energy is gone, have the home religiously blessed, but only if it is within your personal belief system. In other words, it is ultra important that the person truly believes in what they are doing.

  You will need to research people who do cleansings in your area. The best place to do this is by going to a new age store and asking about. You may have to pay so beware, some charge a small fortune, and some sell nothing but psychical snake oil. Check their reputation, basically ignore it when they claim the rhetorical, "There is evil in this home, a portal to a dark world is open in this home, blah, blah, blah...." Find out how they work, what they plan on doing, etc. Insure the no religion act. If you have doubts, contact me directly at

  B, please expect a follow up from me later today. It will be a way of protecting yourself, your family and home as a temporary fix. Unfortunately the laptop that I took with me doesn't have the file I need. In the mean time, realize that although there is so much negativity in your home at this time, try your hardest not to let it affect you on a psychological and physical level. Then you are contributing to the negativity making it stronger, making you stressed, making it stronger... endless circle! Await my follow up letter, and stay as calm as humanly possible.

Warmest regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigations,
Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer  

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