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Paranormal Phenomena/Help, what was that leaving me? Do i have some powers?


I had been surrounded by poltergeist phenomena for a long time. It began when i was a teenager and was going through some tough times in life. We moved around a lot and i never really fit in anywhere.

At the time this happened i wasn't aware that this phenomenon had a name. I was taken aback by surprise when i happened to read a book and read so many similar experiences recounted by different people.

What i have observed is that the sounds mainly thumping sounds and thuds are heard by everyone when i am in a disturbed state of mind. One time, me and my sister were home alone when this happened. It is by far the biggest paranormal experience of my life and i have had many.

It started with small scratching sounds from around the ceiling and then we heard loud thumping sounds from inside a box. The funny thing, i knew this would happen before it happened. And i felt something leave from the pit of my stomach, i felt it so intensely and i felt it leave through my mouth. What was that leaving me??? Was it mere energy or a part of my consciousness?

And then the power went off right after i thought it would, driving us out of that room. My sister started crying; understandably but i remained calm and composed which is very unlike me. I am usually spooked out by ghosts and such.

I have felt like a part of me is missing, i don't want to think i lost a part of me somewhere. What happened that day, is it of any significance? Was it a ghost or just me?

The last time these sounds were heard was also when i was in a disturbed state and the minute i entered a room, we all heard a loud growling kind of sound from the shelf. But that spooked me since it happened at the time when i was already aware about what poltergeist phenomena meant. Till then i thought it was God's fury or something since it always happened when i was feeling guilty or disturbed or something. Sometimes, i could even will it to happen, i liked doing it but never thought too much into it.  

The fear which developed later however stopped me from being able to create such noises at will. Why was i able to do this till then?, it goes against all scientific explanation. And my parents are aware of this, i am not the only one who hears this and so am sure am not hallucinating.

Also, my whole life has proven me that i am kind of a ghost/demon magnet though i am a highly spiritual and god loving person. I also used to have the ability to know things like what a person is about to say and know things that i have no way of finding out like what is behind a curtain or inside a box by concentrating. Its sad that i no longer have the ability to do this though i continue to attract paranormal phenomena. Did i used to have some out of the ordinary powers or something? What name do you call it?

If this is possible, then anything is, isn't it? Could i get back those abilities? Is everyone like this?

Thinking inside the box
Thinking inside the bo  
Hello 'D',

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions all the way from India. After reading only the he first paragraph I had already formed an idea of what your situation was. Reading the rest of your letter only confirmed it. You are close in your diagnosis, but the information that you investigated was outdated [even if it was published in 2015, old concepts that have continued through the ages, although in vogue at the time do not mean that they are current or correct in today's standards.]. You were not encountering poltergeist activity. By very definition, the word "geist; German / ghost" indicates that the activity was caused by an entity. This error was made by old school parapsychologists and psychical researchers during those fields infancy and have unfortunately stuck. They used the term 'poltergeist' to explain any type of activity that had poltergeist like activity occurring. And although the term Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis was used  as an explanation for poltergeist activity, it was used out of context, as RSPK has nothing what-so-ever to do with the "geist" part in that no ghost was involved in the on goings. Unfortunately the Victorians were smug about the use of foreign phrases and as a result common sense often times suffered. They were especially fond of French phrases and words, how bourgeoisie [snobbish].

  What you were experiencing was indeed Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis  or RSPK. I have labeled this type of activity as "poltergeistesque ' or Poltergeist-like" activity, as although it mimics actual entity caused poltergeist activity in many ways, it is not TRUE poltergeist, ghost/entity caused activity, and thus my interpretation and correction.

  To explain RSPK; it is rather like a psychic hiccup. It usually strikes young people who are going through puberty, with the general ages of between 13 and 19, give or take a year or two depending on how the body / mind is "maturing". Factors contributing to it are stress, hormonal changes, brain chemistry changes, and psychical changes to name a few. Another factor, often passed over quickly, but a major contribute to RSPK is sexual frustration as that part of the body, and the changes that it is causing emotionally, bodily and psychologically can cause quite an effect on one's psyche.  For those, such as your self, these tensions and stressors build up until the psychic balloon pops, causing a poltergesque  event such as those that you have described in your letter. Many of the life events that you speak of liable to make you just want to scream! The outbursts in the form of RSPK was a psychic externalization of those screams via RSPK. Incidentally, a person who is experiencing RSPK, [or Stress Induced Psychokinesis / SIPK in the adult years] usually do not show any other signs of psychic ability. In your case you seemed to possess a touch of either premonition in that you knew when an outburst was about to happen, or was simply very in touch with the inner you that you felt a burst a bit in advance much as we usually feel a hiccup a bit in advance. The incident reminds me of a similar one that occurred between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.

  "According to Jung (1963/1989), the first real crisis in their friendship came in spring 1909, from the following incident. Jung visited Freud in Vienna and asked his opinion on precognition and parapsychology. But Freud was too materialistic and rejected these matters in a way that upset Jung. A strange thing happened then. As Freud was leaving, Jung felt his diaphragm burning and a very loud crack came from the bookcase next to them. When Jung told Freud that this is a perfect example of paranormal phenomenon, he still denied it. Then Jung predicted that in a moment there would be another loud noise. And he was right; a second loud crack came from the bookcase. Freud remained puzzled and this incident raised his mistrust towards Jung." (pp. 155-156)*

  You ask whether it was a ghost or just you. It was just you. You inquire if you will get the "lost" abilities back... maybe... 1- if you can reverse time back to puberty [and let me in on how you did it], 2- if as you age you go through some extremely stressful times and events in a short period of time you may have episodes of SIPK, or, 3- you study on how to develop psychic abilities [which as a rule does little if nothing in cases involving RSPK]. What you experienced was a part of growing up that happens to a small handful of people. As are many of the things that we experienced in our youth it was situation and time related and is likely a part of your past, albeit one that influenced your out look on things today - but what growing / learning experience doesn't?

  D, I hope that I have in some way helped to clear up some of the concerns that you have. Depending on what you researched I can see the error in your thinking that this was poltergeist activity as the majority of non-thinkers / blind followers lump as much into one catch all category as possible. As a result research suffers. Being from Canada where we have the frozen artic and dog sled teams, we have an expression that I will paraphrase: 'Unless you are the lead dog in a dog team, the view never changes.' Basically that means that only the lead dog sees what is ahead, the others in the pack only see the rear ends of the ones that they are following. Parapsychological and paranormal researchers fit that expression to a tee. I and my team prefer to be the lead dogs. Anyway...

  If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I'm glad to help.


Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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