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QUESTION: Dear Adam,

I have a weird image that appeared on my window a few days ago. I tried to wipe it off from the outside where I first saw it in the morning, but realised it was made from the inside.

Images taken from outside looking in and the other looking out from the room with the tree in the background.

Thank you kindly


ANSWER: Hi! :) It is interesting to say the least! Looks like a word or a letter from another language just based on what I can see. Please understand that the pics shared by AE are very small. And rather low res. Also there is a lot of "noise" going on on the window with the condensation. Has there been any unusual activities there lately or with you or family?


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Thank you so much for your quick reply....The night before I had been listening to a tape given to me by my daughter on opening the 3rd eye... and am now so scared of this as I may have opened myself up to another side.

I can't find the review button, but will post one when I get the reply as it's there :-) You made an interesting comment about another language.


Oh no! (Biting nails)

Well, you are definitely welcome for the fast response. But that whole Third Eye thing? It IS a gateway. Look up the "Third Eye of Lucifer". There is a godly, prophetic vision or foresight that God gives, but there really are no tapes on how to open it.

My guess is that you got an attachment from it. Evil spirits enter through 6 main gateways. The ear gates, the eye gates, the nose gates, the mouth gate, the sexual gates and finally tattoos. Tattoos open a metaphysical door to spirits as there has been blood drawn and those evil spirits consider that blood that is drawn during the process as a type of blood sacrifice to them.

Do you have Skype or Facebook Messesnger with video?



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