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so about five or six years ago my dad got in touch with his dad AND HIS dads side of the family.

I was maybe 13 or 14. About 3 or 4 years ago My dad took me and my sister to see his Aunt who was really sick with cancer ( can't remember what kind). We probably went there once or twice for maybe 45 min max. I never really liked going there tbh or around people who were close to death all together.

So maybe a few months to a year after that I woke up one morning. I get up and go to the bathroom. So as I'm sitting on the toilet. I pick my head up and say to myself  "Someone's going to die today".

Keep in mind the words just came out. I just remember hearing them. they came out of my mouth but I don't know how to explain it it was like I was being told them IDk

So stuff like this doesn't always happen to me but I wasn't entirely creeped out so I got up finished my business and started walking down the hallway.

I was back in my bed not asleep but just laying down cause it was still early and I hear my parents up and about. Figuring they were going somewhere I got up and went to their room.

They were dressed and getting ready to leave and I asked them where they were going and they said that my dads aunt wasn't doing good and they were going to the hospital.

I didn't tell them what happend earlier because they wouldn't have believed me and I thought that if I said it out loud it would be my fault if she died. My parents don't like that type of stuff either.

So they leave and later into the night they call us and tell my sister and I that she passed away. So yeah.

I guess I just want to know if this is normal or okay? Does it mean I'm a bad person or evil? And what is it called that happens to me

Hi Kayla,

It sounds like you have the gift of claircognizance which means "clear knowing". This is one of several types of innate spiritual gifts given to you by God. You are given these gifts to develop and to use to help others. They are not evil abilities but to use them properly and safely, you must develop them with discernment.

Discernment is the act of being able to tell the truth of situations, people and things while using  your abilities. You don't want to be deceived or get involved with dangerous spiritual entities that mimic true and Divine energies.Psychics who work independent of God (do not give Him public credit for their success) are usually hearing info from unknown spirits. They may have "spirit guides", nature spirits, deceased relatives or other fantastical ethereal helpers but they are not getting reliable support. More often then not, these invisible assistants are role-playing entities who do not have the best interests of their human friend in mind.

Psychic gifts are joyful and meant to be used for service to God and others. This means you must have a close and personal relationship with God/Jesus/Angels rather than false demonic spirits who will pretend to be dead people, animals, and all manner of other manifestations (mists, lights, fantasy creatures, etc.) in order to distract you towards misinformation, selfish acts, occult interests and bad behaviors. This distances you from God which is exactly what demons want. Ghosts are demons in disguise trying to deceive you with images of dead relatives and other "lost souls". Don't buy into that.

Be careful about your dreams, too. Any dreams that are fearful, disgusting or negative can also be manipulated by demonic entities. Your true Divine visions or knowledge may be confusing but never discomforting. Remember that Heavenly forces use us as prophets (several different kinds depending on their active psychic gift) to reveal info to living people in order to help them. Angelic allies often assist prophesy workers and protect them from demonic interference. In fact, Prophets are miracle workers as they relay God's will to those who can not do psychic abilities.

Don't think of your claircognizance as predicting death. Maybe you see things because you are meant to inform the family in order to buffer them from unexpected or malingering pain because God gave you a message.This is a protective act for all involved as well as means God is watching over your family and blessing everyone with the knowledge that He is real and truly cares about them.

To develop your gifts properly, I suggest the following books:

1. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt
2. The Making of a Prophet - Jennifer Leclaire
3. The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment - Tim Challies
4. Protecting your home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

At least read these books and learn to protect yourself.

I hope this helps,

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