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Greg Pocha wrote at 2015-09-24 09:51:10

My name is Greg Pocha, also an Expert in this category, specializing in parapsychology and the paranormal. I do find it hard to think that professionals would shun you as you state. To me this sound more like a psychological issue than a metaphysical one. People are forever looking for a scapegoat and believe it or nor, from a psychological point of view, the paranormal and the supernatural are have become convenient unconscious crutches. Getting a "spooky" solution to your issues will only act as a placebo hiding whatever is the true underlying problem. You don't need validation, you need help.  

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I have been doing scientific research into the paranormal since 1976. My answers are rooted in sound scientific principles and proposed theories on cause and effect of paranormal phenomena. I can answer equipment questions, what is measured, what it means, and how to put it all together.


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