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QUESTION: Wondering if you could tell me if there is some meaning to hearing a child's whistle, while awake and in my home, with the AC going. It wasn't shrill, just rather regular, but clear as day. I have 4 dogs that were all asleep at the time and did not make a sound. I actually said ' Did you guys hear that?', because they would have barked. Should include that both my amazing sons have passed, I miss them with all my heart. Thank you.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your question. I am in the position where I can almost tell you what other experts might say to your inquiry, thus saving you the trouble of writing them. From biased viewpoints, one might say that it was indeed one of your sons attempting contact and that you have God's gift of clairaudience [clear hearing]. Another might say that you have a portal that was opened in your home, and with out any knowledge of you or your exact location, or other personal information, will seal it for you via distant healing or whatever method. Others will say that there is a demon or negative energy that has attached itself to you so drop to your knees girl and pray!

  I however would like a little more information from you BEFORE I give you an opinion. In that way I can base my answer based on knowledge of the facts and not guesses based on assumption. Please answer the following in a follow up letter:

1- What exactly were you doing when you heard the whistle?
2- Were you near a window? Open or closed?
3- Are you 100% certain that it was in fact a whistle made by a child, internal to the house, or is there a chance that one of the dogs noses made a whistling sound [as noses are prone to occasionally and embarrassingly do] or made a high pitched whine [as sleeping dogs are known to do... dogs do dream]? Beyond a reasonable doubt?
4- Do you live in a populated area?
5- How long ago did your sons part and what where their ages?
6- Are you alone in the house or do you have others living with you? Where they in at the time?
7- Finally, what was the time of day?

  I do appreciate your answering these questions. Upon getting your email I will answer the way that I usually answer; that being from different possible viewpoints, paranormal and not, with a dominant one.

Ciao for now,
Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,

Eidolon Project Canada: Parapsychology & Paranormal Research & Investigation
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. As requested, the answers to your questions are 1. I was cleaning my living room floor at the time. 2. I was in the middle of the room, although the room is not large and there are large windows and a wall of sliding glass doors. All windows were closed, and air conditioner was on. 3. The whistle sounded distant, but clear. It was like a sports whistle, or child's whistle, but was not alarming or shrill. I am not 100% sure it wasn't a dog, but have never heard this before, and I am home with them all day, most days. Also it did not sound as tho it was coming from the floor or lower, it made me look toward the room that was my oldest sons when he came home on leave from the Navy.4. We live in a neighborhood, not densely populated, of single family homes near the ocean, on the east coast, U.S.A.
5. Both my boys were amazing young men. Strong, charazmatic, intelligent personalities with old souls. They were both in the Navy with security clearances, and I'm very proud of them. I lost my youngest son first, August 7, 2009. He was 19. And lost my oldest October 17, 2011, he was 23.
6. I live with my husband, who is not my boys father and only knew my oldest son. He was not home at the time, he was working.
7. The time of day was approx. noon, for some reason i noticed time as every time I looked at clock it was a repeating number. I noticed 10:10, 11:11, then a little later I heard the whistle, then I noticed 3:33, and then 4:44.
Thank you for helping me with this.

Kabbalah Tree of Knowledge
Kabbalah Tree of Knowl  
Hello Tia,

  Thank you kindly for the additional information. Had I gone with the information from email I would have given you the wrong answer.

  I am indeed sorry for the loss of your sons. You are a strong woman to have survived such tragic circumstances.
The loss of a child is a very difficult issue to deal with, let alone the loss of two. Although the losses were no doubt stressful, I do not believe that that stress plays a role in your case as it often does in many other paranormal events. You no doubt wonder if there is somewhere that they went and how they are. They are in the afterlife, in the light and are doing wonderfully, based on your information!

  First I have to give scientific / rational reasons for your accounts as that is how I work, projecting different perspectives of events. 1- The child's whistle that you heard could have been just that. Toy whistles are not uncommon. Also living near the ocean may indicate a safety or sports whistle. Depending on where the noise originated would influence the area of the house that it was heard. Sound also travels further and faster in a moist environment than a dry one. You are near the ocean so the noise could have originated quite a distance from where it was heard.
2- The time issue could have been mere coincidences. That would be the answers that my peers would want to hear [not my "peers" here at All Experts, but rather those from the scientific community]. However when too many "coincidences" occur at once then Jungian synchronicity comes into play; that things have a deeper, often paranormal meaning that mere coincidence can explain.

  Occam's razor does not function well in all situations. Here I would have to state it as Fox Mulder did on the X_Files - that Occam's razor is the 'principle of limited imagination'. In my opinion there is every possibility that you were contacted in spirit by one of your sons, via profiling I would say the eldest, due to his birth year. Tia, I need you to know that I am not by any means a numerologist, nor would I want to take on the study of the same. However I have an interest in the Kabbalah. The first time of 10:10 may hold some significance , I am not of the position to say, but I do know that the number 10 holds an important role in Kabbalistic practice. I will say that the 10:10 was merely a coincidence.

  However the number 11 does hold importance in the Kabbalah. The number 11 is associated with the Hebrew word, "Datt" a.k.a."Daath", roughly meaning knowledge. A deeper meaning is that Datt is consciousness in that it is a place that we know to exist. It is the mind, we know we exist because we just 'know'. Proving we exist is the problem, at least on a philosophical level, or in higher realms; a spirit attempting to prove to the living that he is nearby and that the deceased continue to exist.

  Datt is also known as the 11th Sephirot [Hebrew tree of life and knowledge]. Traditionally the Sephirot has 10 spiritual principals. The hidden mystical  principal is the 11th one. It is this that makes the connection between the left and right sides of the body. To shorten matters it is also responsible for both the creation of spiritual children, and maybe more earthly, the creation of physical children*, leading me to the question, is someone expecting? [*Rabbi Dr. ben David, Rabbi Dr. Killian, year unknown]

  So why my sudden display of the number 11? Your eldest son pass over in the year '11. The time of 11:11 is obvious in the connection. 3:33 could mean 3 into 33 = 11, 4:44 could mean 4 into 44 = 11.

  On a different scale triads of numbers, according to some in the practice of metaphysics what you are indicating are known as triplets such as 111, 222, 333 and so on. It is a way that your spirit guides [angels] indicate that you are on the correct path, what ever that path may be. That is numerology and out of my realm of expertise,

  Tia, your email was interesting in that I had to do resort to my library to find answers, something I rarely do any more. I honestly hope that I helped shed some insight on your situation and was of some small amount of help. You may get another opinion at

  Please feel free to contact me if you think that I can be of any more assistance, I'm here to help.

Warm Regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC: Eidolon Project Canada

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