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Dear Mr Rountree

Before I ask my question may I say most emphatically that I'm no whinger or moaner nor am I seeking pity or am I bathing in self-pity. I can take what life throws at me but what I'm having extreme difficulty with is the comprehension of it all. I'll try and be as brief as possible.

Until a point in time quite some years ago I had what most would consider a nice life - a beautiful wife, three adorable kids, good friends and a reasonable job. Then all of a sudden things flipped - suddenly I was enduring a life in the extreme opposite.

Neighbours shunned me, friends avoided me, my wife left me, I lost my job and my kids started to and continue to this day to hate and loathe me.

I moved alone to my present location hoping for a fresh start but the cloud under which I was then living simply moved here with me with the result that I live in total isolation, my erstwhile family are all strangers to me now. I haven't seen one of my grandchildren for over 14 years and I wasn't wanted at my other daughter's wedding nor have I ever seen her son.

The fact that I'm the same person both before and after this change of fortunes plus the fact it's all-consuming, all happening virtually instantly has me completely baffled and after over 20 years of it, it's all getting me down, very down.

Asking for help from the health professionals was useless; they either thought I was 'wallowing in self-pity' or didn't believe me, in fact one doctor I say just laughed and almost feel off her chair.

Members of the religious classes refuse to even reply to emails, texts, phone calls or even letters through their letterboxes.

Yes, I AM suffering from depression NOW but that's the effect, not the cause.

I have an open mind, I don't rule out anything which is why I'm beginning to wonder if there's some malevolent force acting on me; sound ridiculous I know but I can't think of any other explanation.

But, and I can't say this with any more conviction, I'm certainly not suffering from any of the conditions I wrote in my first paragraph (despite what others may have thought). I'm approaching this quite clinically and I'm just hoping you can either explain it or maybe point me in the right direction.

If you've reached this far may I applaud your tenacity and thank you for your time.

I am a scientific researcher. It sounds like you need someone with metaphysical abilities, perhaps a medium or shaman to look into your life and see if they detect any intrusions from the "dark side". I would look for a local medium or psychic who has a good reputation and see them.  

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