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QUESTION: Hi there,

A couple of days after my father passed away, I had several experiences that I believe to be paranormal. I distinctly smelled his cologne on a couple of occasions, had some of my kids toys strategically placed in my path after vacuuming and straightening the room, and my husband was even able to obtain a voice recording once night. He turned off the light in our family room and heard a voice say, "Hey, leave it on". He turned the light off and on several times, the voice repeated itself, and he was able to get a recording on his phone. I was also crying around the holidays last year and it felt like someone sat on the edge of my bed and when I looked up I swore I could see the outline of a male form. I almost hit my husband because I thought we had an intruder but it disappeared. This all spanned over several months and I haven't had much happen since then. Do spirits just "stop by" then move on, or is there a chance he is still around? My dad died suddenly and I wasn't able to day goodbye. He never met my baby daughter. I had never had experiences like this prior to his death.

ANSWER: Hello,

  Thank you for contacting me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. Please allow me to offer my condolences.

  It is not uncommon for a deceased family member, specially one who is close to one to return or remain behind for a specific purpose. I believe that the reasons that he remains is due to the reasons that you supplied, namely not being able to have the closure of saying goodbye and not having the opportunity to meet his granddaughter. You do not mention how long it has been since his passing and the occurrences. If it has been awhile then there is a good possibility that at or soon after his death he went into the light and became a spirit [as opposed to an earth bound ghost]. If this is the case, then yes, he can "stop by" occasionally. He may make his presence known, but as an evolved spirit would and could never do any harm. He may be your daughter's "guardian angel". That is the good scenario.

  On the other hand, if he did not go into the light because he wanted to stay behind to remain with the family until his issues have been resolved, there is a chance that he is a ghost. This is not a good thing. If the events start up again you should say out loud "...that he is loved and although he missed, he should go into the light. There he can find unconditional love, peace and forgiveness. That by going into the light he will be better able to visit bypassing the ghost realm. That he is always welcome as a being of the light. That he can do more good as a spirit than a ghost..." Just speak to him as you normally would, don't shout or raise your voice, the deceased aren't deaf.

  The things that were happening seemed harmless enough. For your husband to actually hear your father is amazing due to the rarity of the deceased actually speaking within our hearing range.  Catching the RVP was a bonus [we use the term RVP, Recorded Voice Phenomena, instead of EVP].

  You and your family have little to fear from your dad, that is obvious. But it is important that you talk him into the light. If he already went, no harm done. But as a ghost there is the possibility that he may accidentally let another ghost in. You don't want that. In any case, he will let you know when he is around. And you can expect his loving presence on special occasions, as is common.

  I hope that I have offered some help in explaining your situation. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Best of the New Year,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC, Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you so much for your response about my late father. I found it both helpful and comforting. My dad was a strong personality in life, so it didn't surprise me that he made his presence known. His favorite spot was sitting in a recliner watching a movie, so that's why I almost giggled when my husband said he turned the light off by our recliner and a voice say, "hey leave it on". I do talk to my dad out loud quite a bit and have stated that I hope he found peace and was surrounded by family and friends and that id like to hear from him one and awhile but want him to move on. I also said out loud he was welcome but it better be him that nobody else is welcome. I will be sure to specifically tell him to go to the light if he hasn't already. My dad passed on July of 2014. The experiences occurred mostly immediately after his death but some came months later including the voice recording. I haven't had anything obvious sense then except for some light flickering etc. I do still have some of his ashes is that a bad thing? I was waiting to move to our forever home so I could plant a tree or flowering bush and include his ashes. He also had a bond with my dog that I purchased with him with me and I unfortunately had to put him down 6 weeks after my dad passed. I was so crushed after so much loss. Can dogs stay with spirits of humans they have a bond with? I'd like to think the two of them are together. It's nice to know my dad can still stop in to see us even if he has moved into the spirit world. Thanks again so much for taking the time to respond to me:)

Hello "A",

  Thank you for your touching reply. Incidentally, the reason that I use initials instead of a full first name is to keep identities safe.

  I would also like to bring up that contrary to popular belief, ghosts in general and spirits specifically are not bound to any particular place, person or site, excluding guardian spirits for example. Particularly in the case for ghosts who are often tied to a place, thing or person, but that is usually due to one of two things: 1- that they are unaware that they can move about or 2- that they have made a conscious personal decision to remain where they are. I suppose that a combination of both of the above reasons would constitute a third reason. So here is the point, There is no reason that your father isn't making the rounds visiting with other members of his family of friends as well. Often when events occur in "cycles" this is what is happening. But let's move onto the heart of your question.

  Most definitely Yes - higher animals do have an afterlife and unless they are strays or were mistreated by their owners, will reunite with them one way or another after both parties have crossed over. One thing that will influence that is the closeness or bond between the two. If one or the other has gone into the light, they will appear to the other at its approaching death and be there to welcome it upon its actual passing. Numerous account from those who have survived death and had a Near Death Experience often tell of not only relatives and friends awaiting them in the light, but also of their predeceased pets. Even if one or the other had not gone into the light, the reason is often because they are waiting for another to pass on so that they can make the journey into the light together. As well, animals really have no concept of "death" so often they just go about their daily activities without being aware that they are "dead". I believe that your father and your dog are together. The more "intelligent" the animal, the more likely that it will have an afterlife. I refer to intelligence in this case as an animal who is aware when you speak to it, looks you in the eye [the windows to the soul], and most important, is capable of forming a bond based on trust and love. The better news is that although cockroaches predate dinosaurs, and survived the event that killed off those mighty creatures, and will likely be the last critters to die when the world is coming to its end, there isn't an afterlife for them. Death is the ultimate Roach Hotel for them.

  "A", in regard to having keep some of your fathers' ashes I see no harm in that. However this is a two sided topic. It is harmless if your father did not have any requests for what he wanted done with his cremains. But if a person had specific wishes and they were not carried out, there may be a disgruntled ghost to contend with. I believe that it was around 2009 when the Eidolon Project Canada, my organization, was called out to investigate a haunting. We were informed that the clients mothers ashes were on the dresser in the bedroom [I could never understand why a bedroom, all things considered]. Anyway, it was the mothers wish to have her ashes sprinkles at a specific place that was dear to her. I believe that this may have started the haunting. As far as I know the activity is still active and the ashes are still on the dresser. However, if there were not any specific wishes, then you have nothing to worry about. Incidentally, after death the majority of deceased people have little regard for the vessel that they referred to as a "body". They realize that it was merely a shell holding in the real being.

  To end, I would like to add that should you ever experience a low shadow do not worry. It's not a demon or elemental or any other new age pseudo-hippy being. It is likely your dog. As animals in the most part have no conception of "self" they are unaware of what form they should look like. Human ghosts look like humans because we recognize our "self" when we look into a mirror. Although a dog or cat recognizes other dogs and cats, they are oblivious to their "self". If they look into a mirror they don't sit there and say, "Hey, that's me! I'm having a good fur day." Not realizing what they look like they don't know to show up after death looking as they did while alive, so they take on a shape. [To be honest, there have been reports of full figure recognizable animal ghosts who do in fact look like them selves. Whether this is paranormal or parapsychological remains unanswered.]

  I hope that this has helped clear up your concerns. I'm glad that you brought them up. Again, if you should need my assistance again, I'm here to help.

  Wishing you and yours all the best,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC, Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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