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My friend has felt that she has something dark mocking and haunting her. She feels fearful and anxious and has tried to pray it away. It works for only a little while. It invades her dreams or wakes her up in fear. She says it talks and mocks her directly calling her foul names and refuses to tell her who or what it is.

Several months ago she had purchased a voodoo doll as a novelty and she believes she let the thing in with the doll.

Just in case this is important my friend has been diagnosed and emotionally unwell. Her diagnosis is as a bipolar patient and she is being treated as such.

I told her to get rid of the voodoo doll by burying it under running water or bury it away from her property but she won't because she bought it as a gift to a friend.

She joined a church to be baptized as a way to fight the thing and other dark spirits but they refuse to baptise her. They believe her medication must be adjusted first.

I am not a person who acknowledges demons or dark spirits because I believe it gives them more power. She stated she saw dark shadows around her in the mirror and now sees more than just the one.

She requested a local priest to perform an exorcism but they refuse and believe she must see to her mental health first. I want to help her but I don't know how because I don't want to tell her to do the wrong thing. Of you can please help. The situation has escalated to scratching her skin and I am afraid for her.

Thank you
A. Friend

Hello A. Friend, ;)

Thank you for reaching out to me. Mental illness is sometimes tricky waters. Sometimes the "mental illness" is a demon. Sometimes the mental illness is a real chemical imbalance or something that the demon is simply taking advantage of or utilizing as a method of torment. SO, not necessarily agreeing with the church that refused to baptize your friend, it's difficult to minister when the meds are active because it has a tendency to fog the mind itself. If it TRUE mental illness, this is what I contend. If part of her diagnosis is hearing voices, then if it TRULY IS NATURAL, then they will eventually be able to find a combination that makes the voices stop. If they keep having to give her more and more or stronger and stronger or if all it ever does is muffle the voices then it's def a demon. Which I have not doubt based upon what you've told me that she's more than likely got a demon or two and they are projecting on the outside of her to fool her into thinking it is external rather than internal. Thus the scratching of the skin.

I'd like to kind of change your mindset some if I may regarding not acknowledging demons. If you are a Christian, then BY ALL MEANS acknowledge them. Not as in "How do you do?" but be BOLD and take up your authority in Christ. Know who you are and the authority that you have over these things. NOW, always balance. Don't become obsessed with them. In fact focus more on Christ and praise and worship. It builds your faith.

Now, as for the church she tried to join. I have to ask you this. Is she a born again Christian? The regeneration must take place before the baptism. Salvation has to come first. Salvation is the moment Christ redeems the spirit after the Holy Spirit convicts over sin, the person repents or grieves over their sin, believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ with all of their heart. That He was of David, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life and was crucified for the atonement of our sins. That He was raised 3 days later and ascended into Heaven. Once you believe WITH THE HEART and ask that He come into the heart and be Lord of our lives, He will come in. And we will feel it when it happens. Then tell it to someone. :)

This is really necessary before any kind of baptism. Baptism is an outward showing or example of an inner change that has taken place. It's not salvation in and of itself. If you cast the demons out PRIOR to salvation, it can be dangerous if they do not IMMEDIATELY give their lives to Christ thereafter because you fall into the situation Christ spoke of in scripture where when the demon is cast out, it wanders in dry and waterless deserts. Then it eventually says "I'll go back to my original home." and when he gets there he finds it swept and kept and empty. He moves back in and invites his buddies that are worse than him. So the second state of the person winds up worse than the first.

If she's received Christ as her Savior, then it is safe to proceed though with her meds I do want to exercise caution.

A lot of times you cast out the demon and the mental illness goes away. Here is what I'm going to instruct you to do. I want both of you to do curse breaking. This will take probably an hour, maybe hour and half depending on how slow you go. I'm going to give you a link to a manual of curse breakers. I want you each to take a section and do it with the other listening, and then the other is to repeat the section that you just did. So both of you are doing it fully, and both of you can "sheriff" and make sure the other doesn't subconsciously skip a critical word where a curse might be active. A curse is a demon's legal right to reside in the body or the soul. The SOUL is the sum total of your thoughts, will and emotions. Your spirit man is in your tummy. :) If you've been saved, satan and his demons cant' get to that.

Now, let me explain what is going to happen when you do these curse breakers. And it's BEST to do them 3 times through. Demons are often barricaded into the psyche. Like behind a concrete bunker. The curse breakers are spiritual hand grenades. But sometimes it takes a few hand grenades to blow up the bunker and expose the enemy.

If there is something there, you will find words that you might not be able to speak. No matter how you focus or how you try, it's like it won't come out. Or, you may experience a physical reaction. This could include nausea, sweating, chills, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, shallowness of breath, flush or feeling like all the blood is rushing to one spot, etc. There may be an emotional outburst. Of tears usually. This is good. That's release. As you do it, (print it off if you can) I want you to mark down the sections (it's broke down in sections) where you have a reaction or where she has a reaction. If you DO have a reaction, I want you to focus on that area. If you can't speak it, go back and do it again. I want you to do it until that particular section doesn't give you a problem anymore.

I want you to create a followup with what areas you and her had reactions. Just make it like:











Do you know of any trauma in your friend's life that was significant?

Def going to need to get rid of that voodoo doll but we'll have to do it right. We'll get to that part.

Here is the curse breaking manual:

If that link doesn't work....

One of those should work. :)

Get back to me as soon as you get this done or if you have any questions in the meantime. She is blessed to have such a good friend. Stick by her. She's going to need you. :)

God bless,


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